Cristiano Ronaldo once erupted into heated argument after being called ‘ugly’

Cristiano Ronaldo, often considered as one of the greatest athletes of all time and referred to as the ‘GOAT’ by many, enjoys admiration from millions of fans worldwide. While his remarkable soccer skills are widely recognized, he is also acknowledged as one of the most handsome athletes.

Ronaldo’s charisma significantly contributes to his influence and broad fan base, making him highly marketable. However, there was an incident where he was called something by an opponent, triggering a strong reaction.

Cristiano Ronaldo once got involved in tunnel bust-up after being called ‘ugly’

Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t typically known for being an angry man, engaging in fights with opponents like former Real Madrid teammates Sergio Ramos or Pepe. However, he has exhibited moments of rage on the pitch, revealing that he does have that side.

One such incident occurred during his early days at Manchester United. The club was gearing up to face Newcastle United at St James’ Park, and the players were lined up in the tunnel, ready for the game. At halftime, United was trailing by a goal, and tensions ran high as players headed to the dressing rooms.

Ronaldo had clashed with Newcastle defender Steven Taylor when the latter fouled him in the first half. According to The Guardian, when the two players were returning to their dressing rooms after the first half, Ronaldo, being angry, called Taylor a “rubbish footballer.” Taylor quickly quipped back with, “I know, but you are still ugly.”

This led the two to get into a bust-up in the tunnel, and the report also suggests that United defender Rio Ferdinand tried to intervene and calm down Ronaldo. Taylor later clarified there was no bust-up, throwing doubts over whether the incident happened.

Cristiano Ronaldo revealed his skincare secret

The above incident shows that Cristiano Ronaldo is quite concerned about his looks, and his many interviews since reinforce that fact. While he is known for taking care of his body and fitness, he is equally invested in maintaining his attractiveness and appearance.

The Portuguese striker admitted that he engages in various routine activities, including a skincare routine. Apparently, he spends at least 30 minutes outside in the sun every day, both for his body and his skin.

He said, “For example, I take sun now, take 20 minutes, and I know, it’s gonna help me. The sun is good for the body. Of course, if I will be here all day, I will be with wrinkles will be bad. But 30 minutes, and I feel good.”

It seems that whatever Cristiano Ronaldo is doing is clearly working, as he still looks like a young and handsome man even at the age of 38. He is now focusing on his career with Al Nassr, where he certainly receives a lot of sunshine.

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