Dak Prescott shares the blame with Mike McCarthy after playoff disappointment: “Add me to the list in that case”

The Dallas Cowboys faced a turbulent pre-season, prompting Dak Prescott to implement a mental development program. The Cowboys had another postseason drought despite their excellence in the regular season; this was their 13th departure since winning a conference title.

After a disappointing loss to the Green Bay Packers in the wild-card round of the NFL playoffs, Dak Prescott emerged as a vocal supporter of head coach Mike McCarthy, addressing the uncertainties surrounding McCarthy’s job security.

Dak Prescott evaluates Cowboys’ playoff failure

Dak Prescott addressed the Cowboys’ playoff letdown head-on in a post-game analysis. The Cowboys starter was honest enough to call himself out and say, “I sucked tonight.”

He continued mentioning the essence of playoff success, underscoring the importance of winning in the postseason. Nevertheless, despite a late surge in the game, he acknowledged that the timing didn’t salvage the situation.

“And that’s it. It’s about winning, and winning in the playoffs. We got it going a little bit late, but none of that mattered at that point. Fought. That’s all I really know how to do. But it’s about winning, and it’s about winning in the playoffs and getting to the last game and winning that as well. Yeah, tough.”

During the game, the whole Cowboys offense was terrible before halftime. The offensive struggles reached a critical point when Prescott threw two interceptions, one of which resulted in a pick-six, amplifying the Cowboys’ halftime deficit to a substantial 20 points.

After halftime, the Cowboys came out with an astonishing comeback. Unfortunately, their late-game efforts proved insufficient to unsettle the Packers, who established and maintained a commanding lead.

Like the Dallas team, Prescott’s notable performance occurred in the latter stages as well, when the outcome was largely determined. He had an impressive completion of 41 out of 60 passes for 403 yards, featuring three touchdowns and two interceptions. Despite this,  Prescott, who was poised to join NFL legends Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre, faced significant challenges throughout the home game.

 Cowboys QB puts himself in the same position as Mike McCarthy

As speculation swirls around Mike McCarthy’s future with the Cowboys, Dak Prescott steps up to take accountability for their playoff exit, mentioning the HC’s guidance as “amazing.”

Prescott acknowledges the business aspect of the NFL and emphasizes that if McCarthy’s job security is questioned due to the Wild Card game outcome, he should also be held accountable for his own performance.

“He’s been amazing. I don’t know (McCarthy’s future) can be (in doubt), but I understand the business. In that case, it should be about me as well, honestly. That guy, I’ve had the season I’ve had because of him. This team has had the success they’ve had because of him. I understand it’s about winning the Super Bowl, and that’s the standard of the league and damn sure should be the standard of this place. I get it, but add me to the list in that case.”

The Cowboys’ playoff struggles have extended over nearly three decades, with their last conference championship game appearance dating back to the 1995 NFC Championship Game, per CBS Sports.

Despite McCarthy’s achievements with three consecutive 12-win seasons, two division titles, and a 16-game home win streak, the team’s playoff exits have left fans and analysts questioning his future.

Even team owner Jerry Jones expressed shock not just at the loss but the manner in which it occurred. The spotlight is now on Jones as he contemplates the future of the team and the head coaching position. 

Cowboys fans and the football community await Jones’ decision on whether McCarthy will continue to lead the team or if he will embrace the fate of the fired head coaches of this season, Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels, Frank Reich, and Arthur Smith.

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