Dak Prescott to test NFL free agency with Cowboys contract extension on hold amid Jerry Jones’ Super Bowl remark

After Dak Prescott’s stellar performance last season, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has placed immense faith in the quarterback’s abilities to lead the team to success. Nevertheless, fans have been very critical of the star quarterback. for the hefty contract he commands within the Cowboys organization and his inconsistent postseason record.

Meanwhile, fans may have thought Prescott would stay put in Dallas, but new information suggests that might not be the case.

Dak Prescott’s Cowboys future still uncertain

Dak Prescott’s contract with the Dallas Cowboys is up for renewal this year. He signed a big deal worth $160 million back in 2021, but there’s talk that the Cowboys might be having second thoughts about giving him another one. This leaves everyone wondering if Prescott will be staying in Dallas or heading to a new team.

Team owner Jerry Jones addressed the situation, expressing his admiration for Prescott’s commitment to the Cowboys’ success. While Jones hinted at the possibility of future negotiations, he remained tight-lipped about any imminent contract talks.

“He is willing to do everything he can to help us win and so we are where we are. We have our contract, locked and loaded for this year. We can see as we move along how we are thinking, inclusive of everybody, including Dak. We’ll see what we do. I don’t have anything to report today,” Jones said.

The Cowboys recently converted a $5 million roster bonus into a signing bonus, thereby reducing the quarterback’s cap number by $4 million for the 2024 season. Yet, with Prescott’s current cap number exceeding $55 million, the team faces a financial dilemma moving forward.

Should the Cowboys allow him to enter free agency in 2025, the ramifications could be substantial. Even if the 30-year-old vet player departs, the team will still incur a hefty $40.460 million in dead money against their cap.

Jerry Jones claims Dak Prescott can bring home Super Bowl trophy

Since their last Super Bowl victory in 1995, the Dallas Cowboys have endured a prolonged absence from the NFC Championship Game. However, team owner Jerry Jones recently ignited hope among Cowboys fans with his bold assertion that Dak Prescott could be the quarterback to lead the team to their fourth Vince Lombardi Trophy.

“I think there are a handful or more of quarterbacks playing who haven’t won a Super Bowl that will win a Super Bowl. I think Dak is one of them. I’m firm there. He’s one of the ones who can,” Jones said.

Prescott’s stellar performance in the most recent NFL campaign also validates Jones’ confidence in the quarterback’s abilities. In 2023, he led the league with 36 touchdown passes, per Yahoo Sports. Moreover, the Cowboys’ starter secured second place in MVP voting behind Lamar Jackson and earned recognition as a second-team All-Pro.

Nevertheless, his postseason record stands at 2-5, with two disappointing home losses in the wild-card round over the past three seasons. This record left some Cowboys fans skeptical of his ability to lead the team to Super Bowl contention.

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