Days after Giannis Antetokounmpo’s candid King James admission, Darvin Ham crowns LeBron James as the most hungry Lakers player

The Los Angeles Lakers have great talent on their roster. With few off-season additions to the team, the Lakers roster will be blossoming once the season starts at full swing. Despite the number of talents in their roster, Darvin choose to comment on the positive attitude shown by both LeBron James and Anthony Davis so far in the practice camp.

Clearly it is not just the Lakers HC who holds LeBron in his highest esteems. Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo had also made a shocking admission about LeBron James during the popular ‘Guess the Secret NBA Player’ show.

Darvin Ham singling out LeBron James as Lakers’ apex competitor

This season, the Los Angeles Lakers boast a strong, deep, and highly talented roster, positioning them as serious championship contenders. This is a stark contrast to the lackluster roster they had to work with just a year or two ago, which appeared insufficient to secure a playoff spot. However, their success this season hinges on LeBron James and Anthony Davis, their two superstar players and Captains. While LeBron serves as the team’s engine and vocal leader, Davis is expected to be the primary offensive focal point, particularly in set plays.

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In a recent interview, the Lakers head coach Darvin Ham responded to a question of if he’s seen something different from Davis in training camp, “Just his hunger, man. He and Bron both. Our two captains are the most hungry.” That means Anthony Davis has a stronger drive compared to last season, with both him and James being the hungriest players on the team.

Davis has faced criticism in the past for allegedly lacking effort and motivation. However, multiple reports suggest otherwise. He has dedicated time to improving his outside shooting skills, which looked impressive during a recent unofficial minicamp. However, Ham has acknowledged Davis’ vocal leadership during this week’s training camp. Reports indicate that Davis attended training camp in the best physical condition he has ever been in since joining the Lakers. So great expectations await for the Lakers fans.

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s blunt LeBron James verdict

Giannis Antetokounmpo is looking at having a great partnership with Damian Lillard who recently traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. The former MVP most recently made an appearance in a YouTube show “Guess The Secret NBA Player” with Jesser. In the show, Giannis showed great respect to LeBron James when the contestants were asked to mention who is the toughest guy they have ever played against in the NBA. 

LeBron James
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James Harden, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James were among the names mentioned by the contestants. Giannis quickly directed a question to contestant no. 5, he said “You played seven years and the toughest guy you ever got is LeBron James, why? As polite as the contestant could be, he responded saying, “Because his size is big”.

Later when Giannis himself was asked, “How do you guard him (LeBron)?”, the Bucks star simply said, “You can’t!”

Clearly Giannis holds the NBA legend in high regards even going as to state that the Lakers icon is unguardable. LeBron, who is one of the most difficult players to guard, has been dominating the league for about two decades now.

He’s been acknowledged by Giannis who is equally big in size as one of the toughest players in the league. LeBron James is anticipating his fifth championship ring and the second with the Lakers. His body size has always been an advantage he enjoyed during his illustrious 20 years in the NBA where he won several accolades for himself and the teams he’s played for.

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