Days after showcasing perfect LeBron James impersonation, Bronny James steals spotlight during USC’s media day photo shoot

After delivering a spot-on impression of his father, Bronny James is once again in the spotlight. Bronny is the eldest son of the Los Angeles Lakers sensation, LeBron James. He is following in his father’s footsteps and aspires to become a professional basketball player.

Being the son of the most successful basketball player comes with its challenges, as the whole world has its eyes on you, but Bronny manages to handle the pressure admirably. He recently suffered a cardiac arrest but has now recovered from it and looks all set to light up the USC with his presence.

Bronny’s attention-grabbing performance at USC’s Media Day

Bronny James is currently 19 years old and plays college basketball for the USC Trojans in the Pac-12 conference. Much like his father, he displayed tremendous talent during his high school senior years and was selected to the McDonald’s All-American team in 2023. He attended the Sierra Canyon School in California and was one of the most highly regarded recruits throughout his entire high school career.

Bronny showed up all dressed in the Trojans jersey at the media day photoshoot for the USC. The first notable detail is his choice of jersey number. Bronny has opted to wear the number 6 for the Trojans, which bears a strong resemblance to his father LeBron, who wore the number 6 during his tenure with the Miami Heat and early days with the Lakers. During the shoot, he captured attention and was even seen inquiring with the cameraman about the ideal pose. Excitedly, Bronny asked, “Should I hit an actual yell or a silent one? Cause I can hit a really good silent one.”

Bronny James
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Bronny James wows with spot-on LeBron James imitation

Recently the entire James family decided to impersonate their dear LeBron in a video. Every member of the James family, from LeBron’s wife Savannah to the youngest daughter Zhuri, participated in the fun act. However, the most accurate impression of LeBron was performed by his eldest son, Bronny James.

Bronny initiated the video with an impression of LeBron’s high-knee celebration, flawlessly imitating the Lakers star’s expressions and movements. Later in the video, he included an impression of LeBron yawning at home, adding a fun touch at the end. Fans who watched the video had great reactions, with everyone appreciating Bronny for the incredible impression he delivered of his father.

What do you think of Bronny James’ USC shoot? How did you like the LeBron impression Bronny did? We are eager to hear from you, so drop down in the comments box and let us know.

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