Deestroying Injury Report: Brahams kicker receives grim update days after UFL debut

Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia recently unveiled the birth of the United Football League (UFL), signaling a new era in professional football. For players like Donald De La Haye Jr., aka “Deestroying,” this announcement presented a significant opportunity. After an underwhelming stint in the Canadian Football League, De La Haye saw the UFL as a chance to reignite his football career.

Nevertheless, his aspirations took a hit during his debut season in the UFL when he suffered a serious injury on the field, drawing attention from former NFL star Cam Newton.

Details on Deestroying injury

Deestroying has been sidelined due to injury and placed on the injured reserve list for a minimum of five weeks. This unfortunate incident likely stems from a tackle he made during a recent game against the Showboats, leaving him visibly distressed on the field.

For Deestroying, this injury comes at a particularly frustrating time, as he had just made a triumphant return to professional football. With over 5.82 million subscribers on YouTube, the content creator turned professional athlete recently earned a spot with the San Antonio Brahmas in the UFL.

De La Haye’s opportunity with the Brahmas arose after the team’s veteran kicker, John Parker Romo, opted not to return for the 2024 season. The door seemed wide open for De La Haye to make his mark on the field, especially after the team released another player, Matt Ammendola, and named De La Haye as their starting kicker.

Nevertheless, his debut season in the UFL has hit a snag with this injury, halting his momentum just as he was poised to showcase his talent on a professional stage. 

Cam Newton shared candid thoughts on Deestroying playing in UFL

Cam Newton’s recent commentary on Deestroying’s venture into the UFL sparked a conversation about expectations versus reality in professional sports. The ex-NFL star discussed Deestroying’s performance during his YouTube show “4th & 1.”

Newton acknowledged Deestroying’s ambition to excel in the sport but raised questions about his effectiveness as a kicker. He also wondered about the footballer’s tangible impact on the field, especially in converting field goals.

“Every time I talked to Deestroying he always wanted to be an elite. And I’m like, bro, you make more money than people in the league. So that’s why I’m like, bro, you want to do what? I’m proud of him… But him being a kicker, cool. But where’s the field goals? Am I a hater? Am I hating by saying like where’s the field goals? He kicking the fck out them kick-offs but can you kick them hes to the up rise?” Newton said, per Sportskeeda.

However, Newton’s critique might lack context as he relied solely on highlights, and missed crucial details from Deestroying’s game. The veteran questioned the absence of field goals. However, the game against the D.C. Defenders showcased San Antonio Brahmas’ victory, indicating a successful team effort beyond individual performance.

The Brahmas’ strategic decisions, such as opting for fourth-down conversions instead of field goal attempts, contributed to their win. It highlights the complexities of football beyond kicking prowess. So, Deestroying’s role as a kicker might not solely define his contribution to the team’s success.


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