Despite on-field rivalry, Patrick Mahomes claims Maxx Crosby is ‘one of the best players in NFL’ ahead of Chiefs vs Raiders clash

The Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes are once again having a super season this year. Except for going down to Jalen Hurts’ Philadelphia Eagles in Week 11, the team is going strong and leading the AFC East with a 7-3 record.

Being the most important player in the squad, Mahomes has been leaving no stone unturned to bring success to the Chiefs. His competitive mindset, incredible athleticism, and phenomenal leadership are some of the main reasons behind the team’s recent success. However, despite having an on-field clash with Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby, the QB didn’t shy away from heaping praise on him for his football prowess.

Patrick Mahomes talks on trash-talking incident with Maxx Crosby

The Chiefs will play against the Raiders on Sunday, Nov. 26 at Allegiant Stadium. Ahead of the contest, head coach Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes had a press conference with the reporters. As the signal-caller had an ugly brawl with Crosby in the last meet on the field, he was seen having trash talk moments with the Raiders star.

The dual-threat kept the discussion simple, saying he doesn’t like playing against the defensive star, as he has already had experience with “what type of player he is, and the mindset he comes in with”.

The two-time Super Bowl champion also said that he would not talk trash about the Raiders star, as he respects him.

Keeping aside the infamous head-butting scene, Pat raved about Crosby’s always-winning attitude while labeling him as one of the best players in the league. He termed the defensive star’s competitive mindset a reason for him not wanting to play against Crosby.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs HC too discussed the brawl between two veterans, saying its a common scenario on the field and there’s nothing to worry about. He also said the rivalry between Mahomes and Crosby is a healthy competition.

Patrick Mahomes and Maxx Crosby rivalry explained

Crosby vs. Mahomes started last season when the Chiefs had a contest against the Raiders in Week 5. The brawl started when the defensive star sacked the quarterback twice. According to the Raiders star who earlier shed light on the incident on Von Miller’s ‘The Voncast’ podcast, the Chiefs signal-caller didn’t like getting sacked by him twice.

Pat later bumped Maxx on his back, and the Raiders veteran turned his back to see who did it. When the vet noticed the QB, he didn’t take it lightly, and started head-butting him.

“Pat’s running with a guy. Kelce scored, and they were running around in the end zone. I get bumped behind my back. I get hit with a shoulder. Turned around and it’s Pat, and he was still running. I’m like, no, I’m not going for that. Ran straight to him and I head-butted him,” Maxx said per Essentially Sports.

Patrick Mahomes
Silver and Black Pride

The Raiders Rusher didn’t mince words while slamming the QB for his fierce competitive nature while labeling him as a “trash talker”.

“Patrick Mahomes loves to talk trash on the field. When I’m out there, he’s talking s–t right back at me. Most quarterbacks aren’t like that. They are silent. Don’t say much.”

The whole incident was captured as Mahomes had been mic’d up for the Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’ series, featuring him, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariorta. The signal-caller was heard saying, “I’m here all day,” to Crosby following the altercation.

The incident ignited the QB to such an extent that he smashed the Raiders defense following it, serving a stern warning for the teams how dangerous “angry Patrick Mahomes” can be.

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