Despite prior clearance from misconduct, Cristiano Ronaldo confronts renewed legal turmoil over 2009 rape allegation

All criminal allegations must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to warrant a conviction. Hence, Cristiano Ronaldo maintains that the allegation of rape labeled against him by Kathryn Mayorga is unfounded and, in fact, baseless. He admits that it is nothing more than a fully consensual sexual relationship between both parties.

Despite the appearance of a settled matter when Kathryn Mayorga signed a non-disclosure agreement, she has since returned to court with the intention of reopening the rape case she alleges occurred in 2009. This legal development indicates that the case is far from concluded, and Mayorga is seeking to revisit the allegations through legal proceedings.

New legal challenge emerges for Cristiano Ronaldo

Lawyers representing football star Cristiano Ronaldo are back in court to appear as part of an ongoing legal battle related to the ‘hush’ money he paid in 2010 to a woman who had accused him of rape.

Kathryn Mayorga had accused the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo, of sexually assaulting her in a Las Vegas hotel penthouse suite 15 years ago. Ronaldo vehemently denied her claims, although there is a picture of them together at a nightclub. However, it is not difficult to conclude that the picture adds to the complexity of the case or otherwise. Mayorga sought relief of £64 million ($78 million) in damages and costs.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Following the allegation, a Las Vegas court dismissed Kathryn Mayorga’s federal civil case against the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. The judge’s decision was influenced by the recommendation made by a federal magistrate, judge Jennifer Dorsey, who concluded that an attorney representing Mayorga had engaged in misconduct of such severity that it would make it impossible for Ronaldo to receive a fair trial.

This marked a significant development in the legal proceedings related to the case, and it was, in fact, envisaged to be the conclusion of the case, but Kathryn Mayorga is back in her effort to re-institute the matter in court.

Kathryn Mayorga asserted that she was pressured into signing a nondisclosure agreement and accepting a settlement of $375,000 (£308,000) following the alleged rape incident, which Cristiano Ronaldo has consistently maintained was a consensual sexual encounter. Mayorga had sought the court’s intervention to invalidate the non-disclosure agreement.

The case was reopened on October 4, 2023, while Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers were back in court to defend his interest.

Court dismissed allegations against Ronaldo

According to CNN, the federal civil case alleging that Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo raped a woman in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009 was dismissed in December 2021.

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Judge Jennifer Dorsey accepted the recommendation of a federal magistrate, saying that an attorney for accuser Kathryn Mayorga engaged in misconduct so severe that it would be impossible for Ronaldo to have a fair trial.

“Because of her attorney’s abuses and flagrant circumvention of the proper litigation process, Mayorga loses her opportunity to pursue this case and attempt to unwind the settlement of claims that implicate serious allegations of a highly personal nature,” Judge Jennifer Dorsey wrote.


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