Did the NFL investigate Falcons for removing injury-free RB Bijan Robinson vs Bucs due to concerns over fantasy football fans?

Bijan Robinson joined the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League after finishing his collegiate career with single-season career highs in carries, running yards, rushing touchdowns, and receiving yards. He showed the NFL how talented he is right away, leading the Falcons in rushing and tying for the team lead in receptions in his rookie year.

For all Falcons supporters, Robinson’s presence on the field is a beacon of hope. Fortunately, the rookie player has found NFL authority among his fan base, as they have recently not been shy about questioning the Falcons’ management over the player’s participation in their 16-13 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Did the NFL interrogate the Falcons for excluding Bijan Robinson?

The Falcons released their injury list before their Week 7 game but conspicuously omitted the name of Bijan Robinson. Nonetheless, rumors began to circulate after they limited the rookie running back’s playing time against the Buccaneers. During the first half, Robinson was only on the field for six snaps and did not receive a single touch.

Despite the NFL authorities’ apparent disinterest in getting involved in a team’s decisions about their player, they could not resist involving themselves this time.

Robinson’s absence from the Falcons’ injury report is being investigated by the league, as per Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports as every team is expected to disclose all injuries, even those that arise the night before a game.

Even though the investigations’ results are still unknown, it is safe to assume that the Falcons will receive a call from the league since similar infractions have in the past resulted in sanctions.

Why did Bijan Robinson not play against Bucs?

As Bijan Robinson’s name was not listed in the injury report, he was regarded as completely healthy. Nevertheless, Falcons head coach Arthur Smith, who hailed Desmond Ridder after the win over the Bucs, stated some confusing words when the coach confronted questions at halftime about the rookie player’s inactivity.

Smith did not specify anything regarding his injury but just said Robinson was “just not feeling all that great”. The rookie player admitted after the game that he had been having headaches and feeling uneasy well before Saturday night.

Bijan Robinson
Falcons Wire -USA Today

Even on Sunday morning, the 21-year-old woke up feeling absolutely disoriented due to insomnia. Despite taking medication, he was unable to relieve the severe headache he was experiencing. The running back position is susceptible to potentially harmful head injuries; thus, Robinson’s staff had to exercise extra caution because the Falcons didn’t want their star player to suffer any form of damage.

However, the Falcons are now experiencing a greater level of headache than their player, as apart from his inability, he has already been caught by the NFL.

What do you think the NFL will end up deciding regarding the matter?

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