Dolphins injury update: WR Jaylen Waddle’s Week 7 setback against Eagles raises concerns

The Miami Dolphins closed Week 6 as a member of the elite 5-1 group of the NFL. During Week 7, they encountered another member of this elite group, the high-flying Philadelphia Eagles and surrendered to the supremacy of Jalen Hurts’ team.

The Dolphins, plagued by misfortune, succumbed to a crushing defeat. Their valiant efforts were hindered by the untimely absence of their seasoned wide receiver, Jaylen Waddle, who was forced to exit the field prematurely due to a severe injury.

Jaylen Waddle suffers back injury vs Eagles

The Dolphins suffered their second loss of the season last night after falling short to the Buffalo Bills in Week 4. The team’s offense seemed to struggle from the opening whistle, assisting the Bills in rolling to a 31-17 win. Waddle’s injury added another level of concern for the Miami team.

The receiver, who sustained concussion this season against the New England Patriots, suffered a back injury during the early stages of the game. In spite of his efforts to stay on the field, he ultimately couldn’t do so, and it wasn’t wise to keep him there. Later, he took a step toward the locker room before being spotted “yelling in pain” on the sidelines, as reported by Joe Schad. Before leaving the field, he played a vital role in the offense, recording two passes for 24 yards.

The Dolphins officially announced his return to the field as questionable during the second quarter of the game.

In the absence of Jaylen, Braxton Berrios, Cedrick Wilson Jr., and Chase Claypool served as backups. Fortunately, after missing part of the first quarter and the entire second quarter, Waddle returned to the field in the third quarter.

Dolphins fall to Eagles on SNF

After Week 7 of the NFL season, the Eagles defeated the Miami team 31–17, making them the only team with a 6–1 record. Throughout the final stretch, the Eagles played astute football while the Dolphins were having trouble.

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The Eagles successfully prevented the Dolphins’ offense from scoring after the second quarter, following a 3-3 tie at the end of the first quarter. However, prior to that, Tyreek Hill of the Miami team was in excellent form as he filled in for Waddle.

Until Waddle’s return in the third quarter, he was the primary target, securing eight receptions for 65 yards and a touchdown in the first half. After rejoining the game, Waddle made a crucial first-down catch to jumpstart his team’s drive.

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Nonetheless, the Eagles wasted little time getting back into their high-flying style after A.J. Brown broke a tackle and raced into the end zone to give his side a 24–17 lead. Despite being targeted 15 times, he recorded a team-high 10 catches, 137 yards, and a touchdown in the win. The Dolphins were only at 17 points when the Eagles managed to put seven more points on the board and win the game 31–17.

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