Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill’s faith in ‘karma’ made the team miss out on NFL record in game against the Broncos

The Miami Dolphins are among the few teams left in the 2023 NFL season to stay undefeated, and their wide receiver Tyreek Hill holds a huge credit for this. Besides ensuring a 3-0 record this season, the franchise secured a new mark by gaining a 70-point win over the Denver Broncos.

With just a few seconds remaining in the match, the Dolphins got the tempting chance to make the all-time single-game scoring record in the history of the NFL, but they chose to end the game 70-20 with respect for their rivals. Now, Hill came up with an interesting explanation as to why they chose to break the record.

Tyreek Hill talks about not breaking the NFL record

According to the NFL insider Dov Kleiman, the team captains of the Miami Dolphins went to coach Mike McDaniel, who once served as a ball boy of the Broncos, to ask him if they could take a knee at the end of Denver’s game, instead of kicking a field goal to set a new NFL record for points. The WR said their captains didn’t want to embrace any bad karma by kicking the field goal to offer a new embarrassment to the Broncos.

Cheetah also revealed Miami fans didn’t take their mercy positively, and bashed them following the match, despite ensuring such a big win. The veteran earlier said his squad didn’t want to embarrass their rivals while McDaniel said the decision was taken to let his weapons shake off the mentality of chasing points and chasing a record instead of winning a match.

However, the NFL community thinks the opposite. Many netizens pointed out the fact that when they have already slapped the Broncos squad with a 70-20 score, a mere 3 points will not cause a huge blow to them. Though this record may add an insult to their injury, they would not still forget the nightmare of a 70-point loss.

Tyreek Hill’s performance in the game against the Broncos

In Miami’s record-breaking victory, Tyreek moonlighted as a hero by securing nine of 11 targets for 157 yards along with a touchdown. He paired up with his signal-caller Tua Tagovailoa to score a game-long 54-yard grab that went for the touchdown, giving them a quick 7-0 lead in the first quarter of the match.

The seven-time Pro Bowler scored seven receiving TDs throughout his 17 games last season and became the first Dolphins player since tight end Randy McMichael in 2005 to possess a receiving TD in back-to-back three games of a season, per ESPN Stats & Information. The celebration following the TD was also iconic as the vet climbed over the ramp inside the stadium to celebrate it with fans.

Cheetah has been on a tear through the first couple of days this season, albeit he didn’t let that become a setback on his way. Though quarterbacks are assumed as the most important players on the roster, Hill’s dominance on the Dolphins’ offensive side is undeniable. What’s your take on this destructive troop’s recent performance? Tell us in the comments.


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