Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill’s remark on Patriots fanbase being the “worst fans in the NFL” sparks outrage as supporters recall his ‘domestic abuse charges

With their victory on Sunday night, the Dolphins began their season on a high note by going 2-0 for the second straight year. Tyreek Hill, a standout for the Dolphins who was the subject of numerous domestic abuse and battery accusations, nonetheless, had a bad experience because of the Patriots’ supporters on their triumph night.

Hence, the wide receiver did not leave any stone unturned to offer an ugly mention for those fans, and after making his assertion, Patriots supporters also gave him a backhand.

Tyreek Hill lashes out at Patriots fans

Though Bill Belichick signaled for breaking the record of Don Shula as the most winning head coach, under his wings the Patriots kicked off the season with consecutive losses. The scenario was totally different for Doplhins’ squad, as they shone with all their potential in both offense and defense.

In addition to Jaylen Waddle of the Dolphins having a rough night due to his injuries, Tyreek Hill also had a terrible night that was later revealed. Hill alleged that some Patriots supporters were berating him and using foul language against him.

The star wide receiver gave a harsh assessment of the Patriot’s fanbase in a post-game interview with Henry McKenna of FOX Sports, calling the Patriots’ supporters “some of the worst in the NFL.”

“Those fans are some of the worst in the NFL, and I’m gonna stand on that. Because they’re real nasty, and some of the things they were saying, I wouldn’t say in church.”

Hill also made a winking gesture while alluding to the Patriots’ defeat in another subtle jab at the fanbase.

“It felt great to wave goodbye to the fans, and I’d do it again. Bye!” 

However, after he made his remark, the Patriots fanbase heated things up online by bringing up his domestic violence allegations. At this time, some of them referred to him as a “multiple domestic abuser”.

Although he gave it his all to help the Dolphins win, the Patriots fans obscured his assistance by portraying him as the ideal candidate for domestic abuse.

In Sunday’s victory over the Patriots, Tyreek Hill burned their defense by collecting five catches, racking up 40 yards and a touchdown, his third of the year.

Details on Tyreek Hill’s alleged domestic abuse charges

Tyreek Hill’s professional career was marred by domestic charges until his college days when he was expelled from Oklahoma for domestic violence in 2014 after being arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, Crystal Espinal. Espinal was carrying Hill’s child at the time, eight weeks along.

This offseason, he again gained notoriety after it was claimed that he was being investigated for beating and abusing a person on Father’s Day at Haulover Marina. The individual allegedly suffered an assault at the hands of the famous wide receiver as his group attempted to board a boat without authorization.

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Source: USA Today Sports

After a comprehensive investigation, it was found that Tyreek Hill would not be charged with any crimes related to these allegations.

Along with these accusations, the Dolphins player was the subject of child abuse claims in 2019 involving Espinal’s 3-year-old kid and him. He was accused of breaking his 3-year-old son’s arm at that time during a domestic argument. The couple briefly lost custody of their child, despite the fact that no charges were brought and Hill wasn’t detained at the time.

However, Tyreek Hill will square off with the Patriots once more in their Week 8 contest. Let’s see whether he can respond to the fans’ nasty remarks about him once more in his recorded performance.

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