Draymond Green’s confident take on his partnership with Chris Paul suggests fascinating NBA season ahead

The NBA world was taken by storm when news broke that Chris Paul would be joining the Golden State Warriors. It was a move that left everyone surprised, but perhaps no one more than Draymond Green himself. What ensued after the announcement was a mixture of excitement, curiosity, and numerous speculations regarding how this partnership with CP3 would unfold.

While Draymond recently made his debut for the 2023-24 season, he has highlighted how the arrival of a new experienced veteran would shape up their team and confidence in the new partnership on the longer road.

Draymond Green’s confident take on teaming with Chris Paul

In a recent post-match interview, Draymond Green was confronted about his previous statement where he admitted to not liking Chris Paul. Reporters wanted to know if his perspective on that had changed now that they were teammates. With the arrival of Paul to the Golden State Warriors in 2023, Green had a few words to share.

Draymond Green and Chris Paul
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Green revealed that he had conversations with CP3, conversations that extended beyond basketball and encompassed their respective careers. Compared to the likes of LeBron James and Rajon Rondo who excel consistently in terms of stats like triple doubles, especially in terms of basketball IQ, the Warriors star emphasizes the benefits of having such a high IQ teammate and further praises Paul’s competitiveness.

According to Green, both players share a similar mindset when it comes to winning games. The previously disliked Paul has now become a crucial asset to the Warriors, and Green is eager to embrace this new collaboration.

While the Warriors are off to a great start in the 2023 season, Draymond Green hopes that this newfound relationship with Paul, both on and off the court, will strengthen team unity and foster a focused mindset on winning. Green views their similar mindsets toward achieving success as a blessing, and he believes that their partnership will have a positive impact on the team’s quest for greatness.

What was Draymond Green’s beef with Chris Paul?

The Golden State Warriors acquired Chris Paul from the Washington Wizards in exchange for Jordan Poole which had raised eyebrows, considering Paul’s history as a rival of the Warriors and especially Draymond Green for many years.

Draymond Green’s past remarks about the CP3 in an episode of “All The Smoke” have resurfaced online, shedding some light on the issue. Green was quite critical of Paul, admitting that he doesn’t like him. However, he also expressed his respect for the guard’s basketball IQ, saying, “I don’t like Chris Paul at all. Like we don’t have a good relationship at all. But I respect his hustle and I respect his IQ. He’s smart as hell.”

The main source of the beef seems to stem from the intense rivalry between the Golden State Warriors and Chris Paul’s former team, the LA Clippers. In 2014, Paul’s Clippers managed to eliminate the Warriors from the playoffs, just a year before Golden State would go on to win the NBA championship. This undoubtedly left a bitter taste for Green and the Warriors, fueling their disdain for Paul.

However, it seems the apparent beef between the two players was more the result of intense competition rather than personal animosity. Paul, who has made an impressive start to his Warriors debut season, is eager to integrate himself better with the team and build strong chemistry moving forward.

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