Eden Hazard links up with British millionaire who infamously got kicked by the former Chelsea winger

Eden Hazard, once regarded as one of the best players to have played in the Premier League and highly acclaimed for his skills, saw his stellar, trophy-laden 16-year career cut short by a dismal stint at the Spanish capital with Real Madrid, leading to an early retirement.

Interestingly, the Belgian icon had received multiple offers to return to the pitch, including an invitation from David Beckham to join Inter Miami and a trial proposal from West Ham. Nonetheless, Hazard is enjoying his post-retirement phase and was recently pictured with the ball boy with whom he had an altercation in 2013.

Eden Hazard links up with former Swansea ballboy

Recently, Eden Hazard reunited with the former Swansea ball boy, Charlie, whom he infamously kicked during a League Cup game. The incident, dating back to 11 years ago, occurred in Hazard’s debut season with the Blues, following his move from LOSC Lille to Stamford Bridge in July ahead of the 2012/13 season.

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During the League Cup semi-final second leg, Chelsea, trailing by two goals after losing the first tie at home, faced a unique incident. The ball went out of play at Swansea’s ground, and 17-year-old ball boy Charlie trapped the ball, preventing Hazard from taking a quick throw-in.

In an effort to retrieve the ball, Hazard kicked the ball boy out of frustration and was eventually sent off, receiving a three-match suspension for his actions. Subsequently, Swansea went on to win the Championship by defeating Watford at Wembley Stadium.

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Charlie Morgan, who is now a millionaire and owns an exclusive premier vodka brand named AU, has collaborated with Eden Hazard to promote his business. The two were pictured together holding drinks from his brand and even recreated the famous Messi and Ronaldo Louis Vuitton advertisement, brushing off their previous altercation.

Hazard’s post-retirement life

After retiring from professional football, Eden Hazard, the former Real Madrid winger, is savoring his time away from the field. He has recently been spotted at award ceremonies and is enjoying spending time with his family and children, describing his life as wonderful.

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Reflecting on his post-retirement life, Hazard said, “Everything is perfect. I enjoy life and spend time with my family and children. I have achieved what I wanted, and it is a wonderful life. Of course, I watch football; my children play football. When I can, I watch TV and also do other things.”

The former Chelsea superstar and icon was one of the most dazzling players to have played for the Blues. Highly acclaimed for his skills, the forward emerged as a key player in the French league, where he led Lille to the Ligue 1 trophy, and subsequently guided Chelsea to multiple Premier League titles. Although he did not quite live up to the expectations in the latter part of his career with Real Madrid, Hazard has gained his fair share of fans worldwide who fondly remember the superstar.


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