Eminem’s hilarious celebratory slip-up after Lions’ NFC title win makes NFL fans burst with laughter

The NFL world is nothing short of craziness, where the headlines often extend beyond players to include notable figures from various domains. Hence, Eminem, an ardent Detroit Lions fan, has frequently made waves by expressing his unwavering support for the Lions.

As the rapper’s beloved team secured the NFC North title after nearly three decades, Eminem’s jubilation prompted him to swiftly convey his excitement. Nevertheless, this swift expression of joy also resulted in catching the keen attention of NFL fans.

Eminem makes massive error after the Lions’ NFC title win

In a moment of jubilation, Eminem took to X to express his elation over the Detroit Lions’ monumental victory against the Minnesota Vikings, securing their first division title since 1993. The iconic rapper, who recently voiced his concern regarding Ben Johnson’s stint in Detroit, sent out a tweet exclaiming, “Lions, I did it,” followed by a cascade of exclamation marks.

Nevertheless, the tweet quickly turned into a humorous twist as the American rapper acknowledged his typo just two minutes later. In a follow-up tweet, he clarified, “WE did it dammit still figuring out how 2 use this thing.”

The Detroit Lions’ triumph was indeed historic, clinching their first division title in 30 years and marking their inaugural NFC North title. The franchise’s last divisional victory dates back to 1993. It is nothing less than a remarkable achievement considering the Lions have not secured a playoff spot since the 2016 season.

Jared Goff, who led the Lions to this significant victory, played a pivotal role in bringing home the division title. Even Eminem, a fervent Lions fan, couldn’t resist sharing the joy with fans, proving the magnitude of this achievement for everyone who has endured the team’s ups and downs over the decades.

NFL fans chuckle at Eminem’s hilarious mistake

Amidst the jubilation, Eminem’s tweet blunder injected a playful element. Within two minutes, the internet was buzzing with amusement, crafting humorous comments before Eminem rectified his initial response.

One fan expressed anticipation that the esteemed rapper might invest more time in navigating social media apps to avoid becoming the subject of fans’ laughter once again.

“15 years and Marshall still learning how to use Twitter,” one comment read.

Lions fans, in particular, find it hard to dismiss errors from a relatively young rapper, believing that even older individuals are more adept at using social media than Eminem, earning him the nickname “Grandpa.”

A single typo managed to overshadow the iconic rapper’s educational achievements in the eyes of a fan, speculating that the renowned rapper must have dropped out of high school before making a mark in the music industry.

“No wonder you dropped out of high school,” commented a fan on his post.

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