Emmy-Award winning production’s recent footage reveals LeBron James turning into “King of Pop” in Lakers gym

Spectrum Sportsnet recently announced that their Emmy-Award-winning production “Backstage: Lakers” will be back for its 12th season. The series gave the fans a look into their favorite Lakers stars including Lebron James’ off-court life and their mischiefs in the locker room.

In a recent clip from the latest installation of the production, Lakers’ ace LeBron James can be seen turning into the “King of Pop” as he vibes to a popular song. Fans are loving this new form of King James as the footage makes rounds on social media.

LeBron James channels inner Michael Jackson

In a recent clip from the latest edition of the Emmy-Award-winning series Backstage: Lakers, LeBron James can be seen unleashing his inner Michael Jackson as he vibes in the gym with a metal rod in his hand. LeBron can be seen singing out loud while using the metal rod to fill in as a stage microphone, vibing to the tune and grooving to the music.

LeBron James was in fact vibing to the legendary Michael Jackson’s song “Rock with Me.” Fans are loving his reaction, with one post on X (formerly Twitter) captioning the footage, “LeBron’s not a real person man lmfaooooo.” The Backstage: Lakers series, a fan favorite, provides viewers with a unique perspective on their beloved stars. This behind-the-scenes insight is made possible through the partnership between the Lakers and Spectrum Sports.

Win over Knicks livens up Lakers rocker room atmosphere

The situation of the Lakers in the league right now is not currently the very best. Over the past few months, the team has faced challenges and struggled to assert their dominance as desired. This has led to a somber atmosphere in the locker room, further intensified by trade rumors circulating within the team.

LeBron James
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However, things might have taken a turn for good, as the Lakers faced the New York Knicks and rose triumphant 113-105 in the matchup. This gave the locker room a much-needed morale boost and it was reported by a Lakers insider that things were pretty lively after the match. The trade rumors are still prevalent as the NBA trade deadline approaches with even LeBron James being bizarrely rumored to be traded off.

Whether the Lakers will actually act before the trade deadline and make some moves or not is yet to be seen. For now, the squad can enjoy the recent win and hope to get on a winning streak to build positive momentum and ride it to the Playoffs.

What do you think of LeBron James turning into the “King of Pop”? Do you think that the Lakers will make some major moves before the trade deadline? We are eager to hear your opinions, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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