Ex-Manchester City star Mario Balotelli escapes death after crashing £100,000 Audi Q8, refusing to undergo breathalyzer test

Mario Balotelli is undoubtedly a footballer known for his unique and amusing moments. One such instance involved him celebrating a goal by live-posting on Instagram, even in the midst of a game. Another notable incident was his arrest while attempting to enter a women’s prison without permission.

Imagine scoring a goal against your biggest rivals away from home and then revealing a shirt that says, ‘why always me?.’ He was really famous for that! We get to experience more of Mario’s antics as he graciously survives a crash in his Audi Q8

Mario Balotelli crashes Audi Q8

Former Liverpool and Manchester City forward Mario Balotelli recently experienced a car accident in Italy, resulting in significant damage to his Audi R8. Despite the severity of the crash, Balotelli emerged unharmed.

Mario Balotelli’s car accident occurred just before 7:30 pm local time in Orzinuovi, near his hometown of Brescia. According to reports, he lost control of his Audi R8 and ran straight into a wall.

The impact triggered the inflation of airbags, but fortunately, no other vehicles were involved. Despite the substantial damage to the car, Balotelli managed to free himself and lie down before paramedics arrived. While images of the wreckage circulated on social media, the 33-year-old footballer escaped major injuries in the incident.

Mario Balotelli
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Balotelli currently lives in Turkey, where he has a contract with Adana Demirspor. However, he is currently recovering from an injury, and his Turkish team has given him the chance to recuperate in his hometown in Italy.

Balotelli’s car accident happened during the same week when he expressed his desire to rejoin the Italy squad, despite not having received a cap in the last five years. His comments came after Italy qualified for Euro 2024

Since the crash, neither Balotelli nor his company have made any comments on the matter or whether any injuries were sustained but he was cleared by the medics at the crash scene, and his brother took him home.

Mario Balotelli’s antics throughout his career

Mario Balotelli was one of the most iconic football players to have come out of Italy. He was so iconic not only because of his great footballing talent but also because of his unusual character. He had some unique celebrations on and off the pitch. Once, he nearly burned down his house in Manchester in an attempt to set off some fireworks.

After Mario Balotelli hilariously set his house on fire, he was made Manchester’s ambassador for fireworks, celebrating his unusually funny character.

Why always me?

Balotelli’s career was marked by numerous clashes, but a notable physical altercation occurred with manager Roberto Mancini during their time together at Manchester City in January 2013. The incident reportedly stemmed from one of Balotelli’s tackles on a teammate during training, triggering a heated confrontation between the player and manager. Mario was sold that summer.

Under Jose Mourinho’s leadership at Inter Milan, Balotelli picked up one of the funniest red cards in history. Before going in, Mourinho had warned that Mario was the last they had fit to play. Balotelli assured Jose all would be well, but he was also sent off shortly after he went on.

This quote from Zlatan should suffice to sum up his career, “Balotelli? He had so many opportunities to take advantage of his talent and change his future. He never did, that’s the truth.”

There are several funny Mario Balotelli moments; add yours in the comment section.


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