Ex-NBA cheerleader reveals having sex with Nets starters last season, prompting Mikal Bridges and Grant Williams’ reactions

Mikal Bridges has proven to be one of the best players for the few franchises he’s played for since being drafted by the hometown team, the Philadelphia 76ers, in the 2018 NBA draft. As one of the team’s top players, he naturally garners more attention from the media than the other players on the team’s roster.

Mikal Bridges seems to be more focused on on-court activities since the season began. However, the Brooklyn Nets star’s reaction to the shocking revelation made by a former Brooklyn Nets staff has prompted a further reaction from a fellow NBA star.

Ex-NBA cheerleader reveals having s*x with Nets starters

Former NBA cheerleader Jen Rufo has recently made shocking allegations, revealing that she engaged in sexual relationships with multiple Brooklyn Nets starters during the previous season. In a viral clip, Rufo appeared on the Leo and Danny Show to share her experiences as a Nets dance girl, disclosing that she had intimate encounters with several prominent players in the team.

Mikal Bridges react to allegation made by ex-Nets staff attract Grant Williams comment
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She got asked if she could be allowed to date players on the team, and this started a fascinating conversation. “They don’t technically say it’s not allowed, just frowned upon,” Rufo stated, “So during the time I was dancing with them, I just did it anyway. I was there for like four years, and throughout that, I did hook up with a couple of players.”

She didn’t call anybody’s name but said they were not the bench players. Mikal Bridges, the Brooklyn Nets‘ star player, has been a subject of suspicion, but no concrete evidence has emerged to confirm Rufo’s claims. A current Nets cheerleader denied Rufo’s allegations, asserting that no recent players were involved during her tenure with the team and expressing concern over the situation tarnishing the team’s reputation and professionalism.

Mikal Bridges and Grant Williams’ immediate reactions

Mikal Bridges and Grant Williams engaged in a Twitter exchange in response to allegations made by a former Brooklyn Nets cheerleader, who claimed to have had sexual encounters with several players from the Nets during the previous season.

In a viral video, the cheerleader did not disclose any names but mentioned that these players were starters. Mikal Bridges, who is 27 years old, took to Twitter to set the record straight, asserting, “I was a Phoenix Sun,” in an apparent attempt to distance himself from the allegations.

However, Dallas Mavericks’ Grant Williams, aged 24, wasted no time in responding. He posted a screenshot of another model who had appeared on the No Jumper podcast the previous year, claiming to have performed oral sex on seven Phoenix Suns players. In response to Williams’ tweet, Bridges simply replied with, ‘You’re sick.’ This Twitter exchange between the NBA players added humor and intrigue to the ongoing controversy surrounding the former cheerleader’s claims.

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