Ex-NFL star Richard Sherman ‘betting’ against Lamar Jackson in AFC championship game expects Patrick Mahomes to lead Chiefs to victory

The Baltimore Ravens, led by star quarterback Lamar Jackson, made an electrifying start in the 2023 season by clinching an impressive winning streak. Jackson’s performance throughout the season drew praise from Maryland Governor Wes Moore and even earned admiration from sports icons like LeBron James and Ja Morant.

Despite the widespread acclaim, not everyone shared the same sentiment. Former Seattle Seahawk turned analyst, Richard Sherman, diverged from the narrative by favoring Patrick Mahomes over the Ravens QB.

Richard Sherman picks Patrick Mahomes over Lamar Jackson

Ahead of the upcoming AFC Championship clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Ravens, Richard Sherman has made his predictions clear. On Skip Bayless’ show ‘Undisputed,’ he has chosen Patrick Mahomes as the likely victor over Lamar Jackson.

Sherman, not swayed by Jackson’s season-long performance, remains unconvinced that the Ravens quarterback deserves the MVP title. Despite his remarkable skills and achievements, Sherman seems to base his prediction on Mahomes’ playoff track record.

“I’m betting against Lamar because I’ve only seen Patrick Mahomes lose in the playoffs to Burrow and Brady…it’s not about Lamar, it’s about Patrick Mahomes has found a way to win these games.”

Sherman’s opinion is different from Mahomes, who recently praised Jackson for his MVP-worthy performance. The Chiefs’ star commended the Ravens QB for his versatile skills, acknowledging him as an MVP for his leadership, scoring ability, running skills, and accurate passing. Mahomes even recognized the challenge both defense and offense will face against the formidable Ravens.

Lamar Jackson has made a significant impact on the NFL scene with his explosive running game. His strategic play against the San Francisco 49ers highlighted his skills, leading with 45 rushing yards and minimal interceptions. Even the legendary Tom Brady couldn’t help but praise the QB’s exceptional performance.

Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes stat comparison this NFL season

Lamar Jackson, known for his dual-threat prowess, accumulated 3,678 passing yards at an average of 229.9 yards per game. He completed 67.2% of his throws, connecting for 24 touchdowns while limiting interceptions to seven. The QB also demonstrated his ground skills with 821 rushing yards and five touchdowns, leading the league with an impressive 5.5 yards per carry.

A significant contributor to the Ravens’ offensive success, the signal-caller accounted for an astounding 54.7% of the touchdowns scored by his squad. In the red zone, he showcased efficiency, with 34.9% of his pass attempts originating within the opponent’s 20-yard line.

Lamar Jackson
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Contrastingly, Patrick Mahomes exhibited his quarterback mastery by amassing 4,183 passing yards throughout the season while averaging 261.4 yards per game. He matched Jackson’s completion rate at 67.2%, delivering 27 touchdowns but also enduring 14 interceptions.

The Chiefs QB contributed 389 rushing yards on 75 attempts, averaging 24.3 yards per game. In the last three games, he demonstrated consistency with 722 passing yards, completing 65.6% of his throws, and an additional 62 rushing yards. While both quarterbacks have impressive stats, Mahomes has a higher passing yards per game average at 261.4, surpassing the over/under of 240.5 on nine occasions during the season.


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