Falcons fans divided after Arthur Smith is likely to continue as HC next year, despite late-season collapse: “Can’t watch him misuse Kyle Pitts”

In the current climate of the NFL, coaching changes are sweeping across teams, with the Carolina Panthers parting ways with Frank Reich and the Las Vegas Raiders opting to let go of Josh McDaniels. In this era of coaching shake-ups, Arthur Smith of the Atlanta Falcons finds himself fortunate to have the backing of a loyal organization amid a challenging season.

While the Falcons’ commitment to Smith appears unwavering, fans are beginning to express their discontent with the team’s management’s decisions, raising questions about the path the franchise is set to take in the upcoming season.

Arthur Smith reportedly will continue as Falcons HC

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Smith is likely to retain his position into the 2024 season, pending a late-season collapse.

Smith, now in his third season with the Falcons, has seen a mixture of optimism and disappointment since assuming the role. The hope was that he could transform the franchise into a Super Bowl contender, but the reality has been a continuation of playoff absences, stretching back to 2018 under former head coach Dan Quinn.

The 2023 season began with elevated expectations following a significant investment of $190 million in roster upgrades. Notable additions such as safety Jessie Bates III, defensive tackle David Onyemata, and rookie running back Bijan Robinson aimed to reshape the team’s dynamics.

Nevertheless, the Falcons currently have a 6-7 record. In fact, they might miss the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season unless they secure the division crown, per the Bleacher report.

Despite the ups and downs, internal signals suggest that Smith’s job security remains intact, with owner Arthur Blank recognizing the challenges faced over the past two years. The franchise’s commitment to giving Smith the time to build and overcome obstacles reinforces the notion that, unless a catastrophic collapse occurs, Arthur Smith is likely to continue leading the Atlanta Falcons from the sidelines into the 2024 season.

The Falcons, deadlocked in the NFC South, have a chance to rally in the final four games against the Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, and New Orleans Saints.

Falcon fans react to Arthur Smith remaining the HC

Given how much better the Falcons were expected to be in 2023, NFL fans weren’t thrilled to see a head coach they deem mediocre given yet another shot. They thus continued to express their displeasure loudly as soon as they learned of the report.

“They’ve been collapsing all season,” one comment read.

Apart from Arthur Smith, quarterback Desmond Ridder’s inconsistent performance has added to the team’s challenges, contributing to a season that has not met the anticipated standards. As a result, his performance let him write his name in the bad book of NFL fans’ minds for their lackluster season.

In the midst of Ridder’s challenges, the impactful role of Atlanta Falcons’ tight end Kyle Pitts within the team’s offensive strategy transcends mere statistical metrics. The seasoned tight end has been sidelined for the remainder of the season due to knee surgery.

The storyline of the Pitts’ injury woes dates back to 2021, coinciding with Arthur Smith’s tenure in Atlanta. As a result, a cloud of discontent has settled among fans, with the head coach bearing the brunt of blame for Pickett’s injury. The Falcons’ faithful are now wary of witnessing further setbacks and are expressing their concerns about the toll injuries have taken on key players under Smith’s leadership.

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