Fan cam shows Lionel Messi joining Cristiano Ronaldo in wayward act after hitting toddler with free kick

Lionel Messi is certainly living his best life at Inter Miami, with the Argentine dazzling once again in the MLS. Yesterday saw another fine display from the Argentine and his new club, as they scored 5 goals against Orlando City. Messi and Luis Suarez both scored braces, while Robert Taylor also scored one.

It seems after a very tough pre-season tour, the Herons have beaten back and are returning to their best form. Messi in particular was very close to creating a piece of magic but instead caused a bit of disaster in the stands.

Lionel Messi free kick hits toddler in the crowd

In the last moments of the game, Lionel Messi was gearing up for a free kick. Known to be very proficient in them, he gave it his best try, which could have even gotten him a hat trick. However, the ball narrowly curved around the crossbar, and it hit the stands behind the goal instead.

Unluckily, it ended up hitting a little girl in the stands and no one was fast enough to prevent the shot from hitting her. While no injury appeared to affect her, she was visibly shaken and was even in tears. The girl’s relatives attempted to calm her down, while her father, who was documenting the incident, was calming her by saying, “Nothing happened, my daughter! Messi is giving the ball to you.”

Hopefully, the girl was unscathed and was given the proper treatment necessary. At least the family will have a ball with them as a replica of their love of Messi. It is unknown whether the Argentine acknowledged them after the game or tried to apologize.

The game ended with a great 5-0 performance against Orlando, with Suarez also scoring a brilliant brace. Messi both scored with a header and brilliant chest goals. The win means that Inter Miami is now leading the MLS Eastern Conference.

Cristiano Ronaldo hit cameraman in similar act

Soccer often sees fans get hit and hurt by wayward balls during a match. And while Lionel Messi did it yesterday, his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo has also done it before this season. In a September game against Al Raed, Ronaldo’s team won 3-1, with a goal from him as well.

In the same game, the Portuguese forward was lining up for a free kick and when he hit, it went by narrowly and hit a cameraman very strongly. The force from Ronaldo’s strong kick pushed back the cameraman, who spun around and struggled to keep the camera stable. Thankfully, he was not seriously hurt.

Things like this will always happen in soccer, and both GOATS know it as well. Lionel Messi will hope to win his next game for Inter Miami on Thursday against Nashville in the CONCACAF Champions Cup.

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