Fans call for Dustin Poirier vs Arman Tsarukyan bout as UFC star left searching for right opponent to return to octagon

Dustin Poirier, a seasoned fighter and former interim lightweight champion who has twice contended for the undisputed title, finds himself in an unusual predicament following his unsuccessful bid to claim the BMF championship at UFC 291. The coveted BMF title ultimately eluded him, with Justin Gaethje emerging as the victorious recipient and currently positioned in anticipation of a forthcoming title shot.

When UFC fans are eagerly anticipating the imminent return of Poirier to the octagon, ‘The Diamond’ finds himself presented with a myriad of options within the division. His firm resolve lies in the meticulous selection of the ideal opponent for his comeback to the grandest stage of MMA.

Dustin Poirier talks on fighting on UFC 300

Dustin Poirier, a seasoned force in the UFC’s lightweight division, finds himself in an unusual in-betweenness. Despite being a top contender, he is still waiting for that worthy matchup to ignite his next chapter. In a recent chat with MMA Junkie, Poirier admitted feeling a bit “weird” about the current inactivity in his career. He skipped UFC 280 and won’t be involved in the upcoming 400th event, leaving UFC 300 as a potential turning point.

Poirier was at the 2023 World MMA Awards as his fight with ‘Iron’ Michael Chandler at UFC 281 was nominated for the Fight of the Year. Unfortunately for Poirier and Chandler, Islam Makhachev’s closely contested lightweight title bout with Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284 won the Fight of the Year.

“I’m in a weird spot; it’s like my first time in this position in my whole career, you know, still at the top but kind of waiting for something big to happen,” said Poirier in an interview with MMA Junkie at the Awards. “I feel like now I’m here, and also I’m running a business outside of fighting. I have a wine market in Louisiana, a hot sauce company, a bourbon company, and a lot of things going on,” Poirier further added, clarifying his position to bag only big fights moving forward.

Dustin Poirier was non-committal when asked about his potential return. “I don’t know, but I know when they call with an offer and I hear the name and I feel that feeling, then that’s going to be the one. I just haven’t heard it yet,” said Poirier of his dissatisfaction with not getting a big name from the UFC for his next fight.

Nevertheless, Poirier has an interest in fighting at UFC 300. “I’m not going to be here for UFC 400. I didn’t fight on UFC 200. It would be a big moment in my career and a huge night for me in the history books,” said Poirier about his excitement to fight at the coveted event. However, he further added, “I think the opponent needs to be right more than the event, you know,” citing that he needs a big-name opponent rather than a big-name fight card.

Fans want Dustin Poirier vs Arman Tsarukyan bout

The lightweight division had a core group of fighters at the top for a long time, but Arman Tsarukyan has broken into it courtesy of his highlight reel KO of Beneil Dariush at UFC Austin. Post-victory, Tsarukyan called out Islam Makhachev for a rematch; Makhachev was the fighter Tsarukyan fought on his debut. Makhachev responded with a chilling tweet warning other lightweights about not being on his level.

Dana White has plans to make Islam Makhachev vs. Charles Oliveira II, and Justin Gaethje is waiting in the wings for a title shot. This has left Tsarukyan without an opponent, and fans have found him an opponent in Dustin Poirier. One fan tweeted “Arman Tsarukyan” beneath the tweet of Poirier asking for an opponent.

“He acts like there is nobody to fight but Arman is literally right there”, tweeted another fan, accusing Poirier of ducking the Armenian lightweight, who is on a streak after his close decision loss to Mateusz Garmot, another surging lightweight contender.

Moreover, a fourth fight with Conor McGregor could also possibly happen for Poirier, as he has already hinted at his interest in it. However, McGregor is presumed to face Poirier’s latest conquest, Michael Chandler, on his return. Interestingly, Chandler and McGregor are the latest victories of Dustin Poirier in MMA.

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