After Jaylen Brown mocks Stephen Curry with “too small” sign, Warriors PG claps back with “night night” celebration following game-winner in OT

Stephen Curry is widely viewed as one of the best shooters in the league’s history. His impact was evident in the latest Golden State Warriors matchup against the Boston Celtics. Green yet again suspended, had caused a mess in the line-up, but Curry remained focused on his on-court duties.

Seemingly looming to be another bad night for the Warriors, after Celtics star Jaylen Brown trolled Curry with a belittling celebration, Curry predictably had the last dance. At the same time, he pulled off a mind-blowing late drama, which prompted an iconic celebration.

Jaylen Brown trolls Stephen Curry with too small celebration

The Golden State Warriors faced off against the Boston Celtics recently, and the Celtics appeared favorites for the victory after leading in the third quarter. Stephen Curry, the master of the craft, after achieving his 3500th 3-pointer, had to endure a troll from Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown.

The Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown mocks Stephen Curry with “too small” sign, and attracted Warriors star marking a revenge an amazing with “night night” celebration following game-winner in OT
Stephen Curry Via Getty

According to a viral clip, Jaylen Brown could be seen trying to achieve a basket as Stephen Curry guarded him. With Brown making a final move to get the basket, Curry fouled him, which was his fifth foul midway through the third quarter. Jaylen Brown, after making the strike and following the foul, did the “too little celebration,” which appeared to troll the four-time NBA championship winner.

Meanwhile, the duo has a history of the same act. Brown was a rookie when he faced Curry’s Warriors in 2017, and Curry, after hitting a 3-pointer, made a stop-talking gesture to Brown. This is a back-and-forth act between the two stars, the latest was seen in the ongoing 2023–2024 campaign.

Nevertheless, Jaylen Brown, with his determined performance to see the Celtics win over the Warriors, achieved impressive outputs against Curry’s Warriors. Brown averaged 28 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists while shooting 10 out of 22 from the field in 41 minutes of play. Sadly, Brown’s impressive outputs couldn’t avert the Warriors’ victory, but the Celtics remain top-seeded in the Eastern Conference with a 20-6 record.

Stephen Curry celebrates game winner with icon celebration

Following the Warriors’ victory over the Celtics by a score of 132-126 at the Chase Center, the Warriors have won three straight games so far and are on a record of 13-14. However, the night ended with a late drama as Stephen Curry hit a thunderous 3-pointer in overtime, which prompted his iconic celebration.

The Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown mocks Stephen Curry with “too small” sign, and attracted Warriors star marking a revenge an amazing with “night night” celebration following game-winner in OT
Stephen Curry Via Getty

Per a viral clip, Stephen Curry, after achieving the basket with his 3-pointer in overtime, produced his iconic “Night Night,” celebration. The 3-pointer achievement by Curry inspired the Warriors’ victory, which quite explains his celebration choice. Meanwhile, the Warriors closed a tense fourth quarter, and overtime, with top-level performances from Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Chris Paul, Jonathan Kuminga, and rookie Trayce Jackson Davis. Interestingly, Jackson Davis achieved his first double-double with 13 rebounds and 10 points in 28 minutes of play. He also, prevented Jaylen Brown’s layup in overtime, to preserve a four-point lead with only 2:20 left on the clock.

Furthermore, Stephen Curry had 6 points in overtime and ended the night with a stunning 33 points, 3 rebounds, and 6 assists while shooting 6 out of 11 from the 3-pointer and 11 out of 21 from the field in 38 minutes of play. However, the Warriors’ latest achievement, a three-straight-game win, suggests that the team is getting results despite the absence of Green, and with the momentum of Curry on the rise, the team could be winning more matchups.

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