Fans criticize La Liga for probing Jude Bellingham after Real Madrid ace reportedly dubbed Mason Greenwood ‘r*pist’

Soccer is one of the most beautiful sports in the world, but it is undeniable that it can often turn ugly at times. The players are, after all, human beings and can make mistakes very often. Jude Bellingham may be the best player at the moment, but it seems that even he is prone to making some mistakes.

The Spanish soccer world, in general, has seen a lot of issues in recent times, especially regarding racism among both players and fans. The infamous Vini Jr. situation comes to mind, with many still not forgetting the experience the Brazilian had faced in opposition stadiums.

La Liga expected to launch investigation against Jude Bellingham

Recently, Jude Bellingham and Real Madrid took on Mason Greenwood’s Getafe in a La Liga fixture. The visitors had won 2-0, thanks to a brilliant brace from Los Blancos striker Joselu. But the match was marred by a certain incident that was caught on camera.

It appeared that Madrid’s star player Jude hurled an insult towards Mason when the two clashed on the pitch. Many think that the player had called Greenwood a ‘rapist’. The clip has already made rounds on social media, with many fans calling for Bellingham’s punishment.

This is related to the fact that Greenwood was previously arrested and investigated for the alleged sexual abuse of his girlfriend. He was also suspended from his previous club, Manchester United, before being loaned to Getafe this season.

La Liga has revealed that Getafe has filed a complaint to the authority, and they are awaiting concrete evidence to proceed with the investigation. To confirm the evidence, the Spanish leading body has hired an expert lip reader to find out what Jude really said.

A statement revealed, “Yesterday, Getafe filed a formal complaint with the La Liga match director who, as per standard procedure in such cases, has requested an expert lip-reading report to investigate the matter and act based on hard evidence.” If found guilty, there is a chance the player could be fined or even banned for some games.

Fans furious at La Liga’s decision to probe Jude Bellingham

However, fans of the club are very angry to even hear that an investigation is taking place. Many have taken to social media to show their disapproval and disappointment that the league is investigating a weak claim, while other issues like racism still run rampant.

One ‘X’ user summed it up by saying, “Why didn’t Laliga put this much effort in when Vini Jr got Racially abused? Jude did nothing but say the truth.”

The claim that Jude Bellingham called Greenwood a rapist also seems a bit off, as the Englishman is known for his professionalism and kind acts towards his fans especially. Jude Bellingham will worry about this later as he will now prepare for his next game with Real Madrid against derby rivals Atletico Madrid on Monday.

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