Fans furious after Patrick Mahomes and Rashee Rice’s heated sideline confrontation goes viral: “Busy force feeding Kelce”

Throughout the season, discussions have swirled about Patrick Mahomes’ potential to enter the GOAT debate alongside NFL legend Tom Brady. While Mahomes humbly acknowledges he hasn’t reached Brady’s level yet, his on-field achievements speak volumes, having led the Chiefs to another Super Bowl victory.

Despite his dedication to the game, Mahomes found himself embroiled in a sudden altercation with Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice, leading some fans to question his on-field decisions and lose faith in his judgment.

Patrick Mahomes and Rashee Rice locked in heated altercation

During the intense final moments of the game, with the score tied at 19-19, emotions ran high on the field as Patrick Mahomes found himself in a heated argument with his teammate Rashee Rice after a crucial play at the end zone.

While the exact words exchanged between Mahomes and Rice were not audible, spectators witnessed Mahomes passionately expressing himself, visibly frustrated with his receiver. Rice, in turn, reciprocated, throwing his own words at Mahomes until the two eventually went their separate ways on the field.

This display of emotion from Mahomes is not unfamiliar to those who follow his career closely. Despite falling behind 10-0 in the first half at Allegiant Stadium, Mahomes remained undeterred, knowing well that he had the capability to turn the game around. And turn it around he did, as he rallied his team to win back-to-back Super Bowls, ultimately earning his third Super Bowl MVP title.

Nevertheless, Mahomes’ fiery temperament has sometimes landed him in trouble during the regular season. Following a loss to the Buffalo Bills, the 28-year-old quarterback let his frustration boil over, resulting in a hefty fine for his outburst against the referees.

Similarly, in Week 15 against the New England Patriots, Mahomes was once again seen visibly upset with Kadarius Toney when a potential offensive drive was thwarted by an interception, stemming from a teammate’s mistake.

Fans blame Patrick Mahomes over sideline argument

After the heated argument between Patrick Mahomes and Rashee Rice during a crucial moment in the game, the Kansas City Chiefs’ starting quarterback has found himself under fire from disappointed fans.

Many fans have voiced their criticism, claiming that Rice was open and ready to receive the pass, which could have potentially gained the team crucial yards. However, Mahomes chose not to pass to Rice, leading to frustration among supporters.

Some fans have also speculated that Pat prioritized passing the ball to star tight end Travis Kelce instead of opting for Rice. This perceived favoritism has led to further backlash against him, with fans questioning his decision-making on the field.

In light of these events, a groundswell of support has emerged for Rashee Rice, with many fans rallying behind the receiver and taking his side in the altercation. These supporters believe that Rice was unfairly overlooked by Mahomes and deserves recognition for his contributions to the team.

In the end, the Chiefs emerged victorious in the Super Bowl putting aside the sourness of the incident between Rice and Mahomes. Despite the post-game tensions, it’s time to move forward, especially since Mahomes could be gearing up to lead the entire Chiefs team on an earlier promised “business trip” in the near future.

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