Fans in celebration mode as Falcons fire HC Arthur Smith after humiliating Saints defeat: “Free from the curse”

Throughout the entire NFL season, Arthur Smith, the renowned head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, faced considerable scrutiny for his struggles to direct the team to victory, making headlines frequently. Meanwhile, making questionable decisions and even incurring a hefty $25,000 fine became commonplace for the Falcons’ head coach.

Nevertheless, as the season draws to a close, the Falcons have decided to part ways with Smith, bringing significant joy to the team’s fans, who are now relieved from the uncertainties of continuing their association with the coach.

Falcons sack HC Arthur Smith

Following Week 18, the Atlanta Falcons took a major turn when they decided to part ways with head coach Arthur Smith. A lopsided score and a heated exchange between Smith and Saints head coach Dennis Allen punctuated this decision, which was driven by an agonizing loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints’ decision to score with one minute remaining and a commanding lead over running out the clock created a contentious moment. Following the game, Smith and Allen got into a heated argument, clearly indicating that Smith was not happy.

Prior to that, speculation surrounding Smith’s job security had been rife, and it was heightened by public statements from team owner Arthur Blank. Nevertheless, Blank refrained from guaranteeing Smith’s return in 2024.

To face challenges from the onset, Smith inherited cap issues and made tough roster decisions in his inaugural season, resulting in a 7-10 record in 2021. The subsequent season witnessed further hurdles, including the unexpected trade of Matt Ryan.

It solidified the Falcons’ rebuilding phase and culminated in another 7-10 record in 2022, per Yardbarker. Meanwhile, despite investing in a strong offensive line and strategically drafting skill position players, the Falcons’ offensive performance remained a sore spot. Now, the head coach is going to end his Falcons’ career with the same identical 7-10 record this season as well.

The decision to part ways with Smith aligns with a broader trend in the NFL, where midseason coaching changes have become more frequent. Notable coaches like Josh McDaniels, Frank Reich, and Brandon Staley also faced midseason exits. 

Smith’s departure reflects the Falcons’ determination to address their offensive struggles and embark on a new coaching era. The Falcons now find themselves in the market for a new head coach, seeking a fresh direction after Smith’s three-year tenure yielded no notable improvements.

Fans celebrate Arthur Smith’s departure

The fans are already pissed off seeing the Falcons’ on-field struggles; hence, they are also pissed off at the Falcons head coach. Yet they have little to do, as appointing and sacking team personnel wholly depends on the team management.

Nevertheless, after hearing the news of the firing incident involving Arthur Smith, the fans’ joy knew no bounds. They soon flocked together on the social media platform to convey their happiness over the decision.

The decision appeared to be nothing short of a win for the Falcons’ fans.

“Gabe @MAGfest”, an X user, expressed joy over the dismissal of Smith, as he, along with the entire Falcons’ fan base and team, is now liberated from a “curse” regarding on-field difficulties during the tenure of the fired head coach.

The offensive lineup has faced considerable challenges under Arthur’s coaching tenure, prompting fans to believe that relieving the head coach of his duties will serve as a remedy for the team’s persistent offensive struggles under Smith’s guidance.

What’s your opinion on the sacking saga of the NFL head coaches?

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