Fans predict ‘greatest comeback’ for Israel Adesanya after ex-UFC release exclusive training footage

Israel Adesanya has dominated the UFC middleweight division for a long period and earned a place among the best middleweights after UFC legend Anderson Silva. However, his winning streak faced a setback with his second loss in the middleweight division last year.

Since then, The Last Stylebender hasn’t officially announced his retirement but has distanced himself from fighting. Although he remains active on YouTube, his return to the UFC cage is uncertain as he continues to reflect on what happened at UFC 293.

Israel Adesanya training in Mexico amid speculated return to UFC

Being a fan favorite, Israel Adesanya is one of the most missed fighters in the cage right now and within the MMA community. People are constantly talking about when their former UFC middleweight champion will make his return to the cage. The loss was heartbreaking for ‘The Last Stylebender,’ and at one point, he even mocked the idea of his comeback while responding to inquiries.

Israel Adesanya said, “I’m going to take time to look after myself, and I’m not going to fight for a long time. I’m definitely not going to retire because I know me—I’m not leaving like that. I know me.” Via Bleacher Report.

Fans finally found something to cheer about in the latest episode of the FREESTYLEBENDER. Israel Adesanya was seen practicing and training in the gym, and he also showed some glimpses of intense training that actually hinted at his probable return to the cage.

Fans expect strong comeback for Israel Adesanya

Now fans are eagerly anticipating the return of their former champ to the cage. Though he hasn’t reacted to fan comments yet, the way Israel Adesanya has been training speaks volumes about what Izzy is aiming for this time.

One fan on Twitter reacted with, “Contender Izzy is Loading,” indicating the released footage of the former champion is an indication that Adesanya must be the next contender for UFC middleweight gold.

“Israel Adesanya has now released footage from his boxing training in Mexico. Contender Izzy is loading.”

Another fan even compared this possible comeback with UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones’s comeback, calling it the greatest comeback since Jones has returned. “This is going to be the greatest comeback since Jon Jones.”

The real excitement for the fans came when Israel Adesanya reacted to the loss of Sean Strickland last weekend, where Dricus Du Plessis defeated Strickland via unanimous decision. It was Adesanya’s rival vs. rival fight, so the reaction he came up with was also a hint for fans about his probable return.

What are your guesses on this latest release footage of Israel Adesanya? Will the fans get to see the return of the former champion any time soon?


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