Following Clippers victory over Blazers, Paul George lavishes praise on Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard: “Makes the game so easy”

The new NBA season has begun, and Paul George’s Los Angeles Clippers faced the Portland Trail Blazers in their season opener. The Clippers presented something that fans hadn’t seen in a long time. The game was exciting and provided a thrilling experience for Clippers fans.

PG-13 has returned from injury and is supported by Kawhi Leonard and Mr. Triple Double, Russell Westbrook. The Clippers trio has fans expecting great things from them, and they certainly lived up to those expectations in their first game of the season. Paul George conducted a post-game interview in which he praised his teammates and commended their contributions.

Paul George hails Westbrook and Kawhi

Paul George was the MVP for the Los Angeles Clippers in their opening match against the Portland Trail Blazers. He displayed determination and strength on the court, symbolizing his recovery from his injury.

PG did a post-game interview where he talked about the determination of the team. He said, “We didn’t let up, we were relentless the whole game… The energy, the crowd here was amazing, kept us going.” Furthermore, he appreciated Kawhi, and Westbrook and their synergy as a team with himself.

He added, “Man! I play with some awesome guys, Russ makes the game so much easy, Kawhi makes the game so much easy. I just go out to complement those guys, they complement me. We got a great group here! Everybody shares the ball and looks for one another. It’s the easy style that we play.”

Clippers beat Blazers

The Los Angeles Clippers played their season opener against the Portland Trail Blazers and clinched a victory with a final score of 123-111. This win was significant for Clippers fans, as their team demonstrated signs of great synergy and potential that had been absent for several months in the past.

Paul George
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Paul George emerged as the MVP of the game, scoring 27 points, and he was supported by Kawhi Leonard, who also had a great game with 23 points. Russell Westbrook also displayed signs of improvement with an 11-point scoring tally and record tally of 13 assists in an opening game. Westbrook matched the record of Andre Miller and became the second Clipper with at least that many assists in an opening night game.

What do you think of Paul George’s appreciation of Kawhi and Russ? How do you think the Clippers will perform this season? Let us know below in the comments.

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