Following Cowboys LB Micah Parsons’ admission to No.1 team in NFL right now sparks outrage from fans

After defeating the mighty Miami Dolphins with a score of 31-17, the Philadelphia Eagles once again proved why they are regarded as the hot favorite to win the Super Bowl title this year. Sitting at the top of the NFC, the team boasts a 6-1 record, alongside the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs.

The ‘fly eagles fly’ sensation is going so strong in the 2023 season that even fans of other elite teams are in awe of the Philly fans. Not only fans, but veteran players like Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons also believe the team has overshadowed other teams until Week 7, although the NFL community didn’t like this brutally honest take from him.

Micah Parsons claims the Eagles are the No.1 team in the NFL

In his podcast “The Edge” on Tuesday, Parsons shed light on his NFL power rankings after Week 7. He said the Eagles are currently the No. 1 team in the NFL, pointing out their strong sides as well as their elite players.

“No. 1 would have to be the Philadelphia Eagles. No one has stopped the ‘tush push’ yet. DeVonta Smith could be A.J. Brown’s No. 1 receiver. Jason Kelce Hall of Famer. Lane Johnson will be a Hall of Famer,” he said on

The Cowboys star highlighted the formidable defense of the Eagles and praised the caliber of their standout talents, such as Darius Slay, Jalen Carter, James Bradberry, and Kevin Byard. He also mentioned that the franchise doesn’t appear to have any weaknesses now.

Back in July, the linebacker openly claimed on 105.3 The Fan’s GBag Nation that he believed the Cowboys were the top team in the NFC division, surpassing the Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers. However, given Philly’s consecutive winning streak, the veteran might be reevaluating his initial statement.

Fans furious at Micah Parsons’ take on Eagles

Following the online brawl with the 49ers star tight end George Kittle due to his infamous “F**** Dallas” undershirt flashing, Micah would surely not take the team’s name as the top team. Besides that, the Chiefs jointly hold the 6-1 record with the Eagles, but he took only the Eagles name.

However, considering the Philadelphia team’s dominance to date, the LB’s take was not entirely wrong. Nevertheless, the NFL community, particularly Cowboys fans, did not appreciate his statement and criticized him on social media for praising the NFC’s top team. Some even claimed he was desperate to be a part of the franchise.

A fan wrote, “He wants to be an Eagle so bad.”

The Cowboys currently hold the second spot in the NFC East with a 4-2 record. Aside from losses against the 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals, they have displayed a promising performance. Consequently, some fans found it difficult to accept Micah’s preference for another team over his own.

The Philly squad have incredibly implemented Jalen Hurts’ “tush push”, which has been demoralizing for rivals to date. Despite being called upon by the ex-NFL star Tom Brady, they are continuing the unique strategy, and some fans took the opportunity to throw a subtle dig at the franchise for it.

A netizen wrote, “No, they are tush push merchants.”

What’s your take on Micah Parsons’ statement? Do you also believe that the Eagles are the No. 1 team in the NFL? Tell us in the comments.


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