Following Knicks victory over Wizards, “disgusting” Jordan Poole stat outrages NBA fans

Since leaving the Golden State Warriors, Jordan Poole’s career hasn’t unfolded as many had expected. Often regarded as living in the shadows of Stephen Curry, Poole made a shocking move to the Washington Wizards. While the trade in itself was surprising, his performance has been equally astonishing, leaving NBA fans in complete disbelief.

Following the Knicks’ most recent victory against the Wizards, disgruntled supporters have begun to doubt his skills and judgment. And things seem to be getting worse. On the Washington side, “Poole Party” hasn’t quite occurred, as the growing chorus of dissatisfaction indicates.

Jordan Poole’s awful plus-minus rating outrages fans

The 2023-24 NBA season has brought disappointment and frustration for fans of the Washington Wizards, and much of it revolves around Jordan Poole and his abysmal plus-minus rating.

Currently dead last in the league with a staggering -342, Jordan Poole’s performance has evoked outrage among fans who once held high hopes for the former Golden State Warriors champion.

Jordan Poole’s descent into becoming arguably the worst player in the NBA is a sad tale. His arrogance and ignorance on the court led to the Warriors trading him away, placing him in the limelight alongside his new teammate, Kyle Kuzma, in Washington. However, the duo’s supposed star power has failed to deliver, leaving the organization in shambles.

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With a dismal 6-28 record and a 14th place standing in the Eastern Conference, the Wizards find themselves reeling from Poole’s underwhelming performance. The disappointment continues to mount as the team’s losing streak extends to a painful seven games.

Beyond his poor shooting, lack of efficiency, and defensive struggles, Jordan Poole’s impact has been nothing short of damaging. Statistical evidence solidifies his place as one of the most detrimental players in the entire NBA this season.

As the season progresses, fans can only hope for a remarkable turnaround and a redemption arc for Jordan Poole. But their results say otherwise at the moment, as they lost yet again in their recent game against the New York Knicks.

Knicks beat Wizards

In a commanding display of skill, the New York Knicks, who has been eyeing big things this season, crushed the Washington Wizards with a final score of 121-105. The Knicks came out strong, with Julius Randle returning to his All-Star form after a recent struggle.

Randle played a key role in the win, delivering outstanding numbers on both ends of the court. as the game started with the Knicks taking an early lead in the first quarter. But it was the Knicks’ defense that proved to be a major factor, causing the Wizards to struggle from beyond the arc, shooting a mere 12.5%. Even Kyle Kuzma from the Washington Wizards recognized the Knicks’ defensive prowess, stating, “We try to do what they do. They just got the personnel to do it.”

In contrast, the Knicks were scorching hot, hitting 50.0% of their three-point attempts. Aside from Randle’s impressive three-point shots, DiVincenzo contributed 2 of 3, and Brunson added 1 of 3 from beyond the arc, accumulating 7 points.

Despite notable performances from the Wizards’ Kuzma and Avdija, who both scored over 20 points, their efforts fell short. Kuzma recorded 27 points, two rebounds, two assists, and four three-pointers, while Avdija secured 23 points, 10 rebounds, and six assists.

The victory solidifies the Knicks’ standing, now boasting a season record of 21-15, placing them 11-11 away from home. While it’s a moment of joy for the Knicks, it is not much of a party for the Wizards as their fans hope the season ends any time soon.

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