Former Bucs star Antonio Brown pays $15,000 in child support, securing release from jail

Despite having an abundance of possibilities and divine ability, Antonio Brown is one of the legendary football players whose careers ended abruptly. His NFL career was cut short after only 12 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and New England Patriots due to his unsportsmanlike conduct and controversy-filled behaviors.

Following the conclusion of his turbulent career, the four-time All-Pro found himself embroiled in legal disputes, one of which was regarding unpaid child support for his daughter, whom he shared with his ex-girlfriend Wiltrice Jackson, costing him a significant amount of money.

Antonio Brown resolves legal woes with $15,000 payment

Antonio Brown’s ex-girlfriend Jackson stated earlier this month that he owed her over $31,000 for their child support. After failing to reach an agreement with the former NFL player, Jackson requested that the police arrest him.

“I do want him arrested. Because, right now, he’s making a mockery out of the judge, out of everything, because he feels like he’s untouchable.”

Antonio Brown
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Antonio was later arrested for failing to make a $15,000 child support payment. After spending the weekend in jail for allegedly failing to pay, he has reportedly paid over $15,000 in child support to his ex-girlfriend.

It was the second time Brown’s faced legal trauma for escaping from providing cold support. A judge rendered a similar decision back in April, following the conclusion that the former wide receiver had neglected to give Jackson the $30,000 that was due. However, the former Bucs player refuted the claim in a post that included the receipt of payment for his daughter.

 Why did Brown leave the Bucs?

The official bonding between Antonio Brown and the Bucs came to an end on January 2 of last year. The receiver startled the spectators by taking off his playing clothes and pads before leaving the field shirtless in the third quarter, with the Buccaneers losing the New York Jets 24-10. 

The owner of Albany Empire nodded to the fans as he rushed through the end zone and into the tunnel without looking back, despite Mike Evans’ quick appearance to console him.

The bizarre incident occurred after he felt he was too injured to play but the team management forced him to remain on the field. But Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians stated that the team was unaware of his injury and soon after the game, he announced his team’s divorce from their vet player and let it know through an official statement from the Bucs.

“He is no longer a Bucs. All right? That’s the end of the story. Let’s talk about the guys who went out there and won the game.”

Later, in a post, the 35-year-old said none of his teammates knew about his alleged discussion with his head coach. Recognizing his teammates’ good behavior with him, including TB12’s founder Tom Brady, he shouldered all the blame on his team.

“Don’t get it twisted. My brothers have been good to me. From Tom [Brady] to practice squad, we were a top-level unit,” Brown posted to Twitter. “They have been good to me and knew nothing about my talks with coach last week. The team mishandled this situation. They let me down and, more importantly, my teammates.”

As per ESPN, apart from that, he issued a lengthy statement clarifying his side behind all of these on- and off-field sagas, blaming the Bucs for ending his NFL career. He said, “I didn’t quit. I was cut. I didn’t walk away from my brothers. I was thrown out”.

Although he ended his statement with the hope of returning to the field, it never happened and perhaps will not happen in the future as well.

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