Former Chiefs QB Chase Daniel expresses delight over Swifties after Taylor Swift interaction from 8 years prior goes viral: “my life is about to change”

Being associated with Taylor Swift, in any capacity, is bound to get you a truckload of internet clout. The global pop icon has set the stage alight at every performance of hers, and her popularity grows and grows.

With her recent romance with Kansas City Chiefs star TE Travis Kelce, Taylor has unlocked a new sect to spread her fanbase—the hardcore NFL community. Now, that community has worked its way up to former QB Chase Daniel. Let’s find out how.

Chase Daniel shares picture of Taylor Swift interaction

Back in 2015, times were different. Taylor Swift was just branching out from making country music to releasing her first pop album, “1989,” and was about to go on tour. Back then, the Kansas City Chiefs also had a different look about themselves, with Chase Daniel at the helm of QB duties.

Recently, diehard Swifties unearthed a tweet made by the former QB eight years ago, in which he shared a photo with the budding pop star and his wife. In the photo, Taylor Swift is seen holding a Kansas City Chiefs jersey, which was gifted to her by Daniel. The caption read, “Thank u @taylorswift13 4 hosting us last night. We gave Taylor her own @chiefs jersey 4 the 1989 Tour! @hillarydaniel”

Now that photo has started to go viral again because Taylor Swift’s fanbase is marking this image as the first sign of her association with the Chiefs. Chase Daniel also had a hilarious take on things, retweeting the original photo and saying, The #Swifties found this post & are circulating it…my life is about to change.”

Chase Daniel made $8.3 per NFL start

Over the years, Chase Daniel has achieved cult status as being one of the luckiest NFL quarterbacks ever to play the game. He has been a part of the league for about 14 years and has earned the moniker of being a journeyman of sorts. However, some people will be surprised to know that he has only made five starts in his entire career.

We did some digging, and Chase Daniel’s career earnings amount to somewhere around $41.8 million, which means that the man earned a whopping $8.3 million for every start that he made. Now that is some ratio.

Currently, the 37-year-old runs his own show on YouTube called “Chasin’ it with Chase Daniel.” Talk about having a bizarre career.

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