Former Lakers guard believes Nuggets would have favored playing Pelicans instead of LeBron James and Lakers

LeBron James, even at the age of 39, continues to carve an exceptional career in the NBA which will be hard to achieve for the future generations to come. The timeless freak might not be in his prime anymore, but no one would want to come near his vengeful radar to unleash the scoring beast.

By defeating the New Orleans Pelicans, the Lakers confirmed their next game in the playoff round against one of the strongest teams in the West, the Denver Nuggets. Last year, when the two teams met in the Conference Finals, the Nuggets established their supremacy over the LA franchise. Looking closely at LeBron’s history, one could make out that he is not someone who forgets easily.

Following the Lakers’ 110-106 win over the Pelicans, Former Lakers guard Lou Williams expressed his belief that the Nuggets would have preferred going up against the Pelicans rather than the Lakers.

Explaining his belief in Fan Duel’s ‘Run It Back’, the three-time Sixth Man of the Year said, “What team would want to play against the best basketball player in the world, no matter what phase of [LeBron James’] career that he’s in, you don’t want to match up with the best basketball player in the world.”

Although the Nuggets are undoubtedly a talented lot, Williams’ statement cannot be ignored. LeBron has shown a glimpse of how badly he wants to get this fifth championship trophy now as his time is numbered on the hardwood. After the victory on Tuesday night, the 20-time All-Star shared his honest views regarding the upcoming fixture.

LeBron James discusses Nuggets

When LeBron James was asked about the rematch with the Nuggets, the Lakers forward said, “It’s the defending champions. We understand how difficult of a matchup it’s been vs. them. They’re gonna make it tough on [us], we’re gonna try to make it tough on them.”

The 39-year-old further added that Denver has been quite dominant over them in the past and has the MVP favorite, Nikola Jokic, who has been on fire this season.

Mentioning the seven-game series in the play-off first round is going to be tough for them, LeBron claimed that they will be ready for it after a good night’s rest. With their aces LeBron and a healthy Anthony Davis on the floor, the Lakers could prove to be a tough competition for the second-seeded Western team when they meet on April 20.

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