Geno Smith sparks sideline drama after QB’s return to MetLife Stadium hit by injury scare

Though the Seattle Seahawks entered the 2023 season with a loss, they bounced back in the next three games after securing victories over the Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, and New York Giants. Nevertheless, a major setback for the Seahawks has been their injury-plagued roster, and their quarterback Geno Smith has also entered the list in week 4.

While a number of players had been ruled out of the Seahawks’ roster in the last few games, Smith’s injury update has been somehow satisfactory. Nevertheless, a heated exchange of words between the QB and one of the Giants members was one of the notable highlights of the last match.

Geno Smith faces mid-game injury

In the second quarter of the Seahawks vs. Giants, Smith suffered an injury after catching his own deflected pass and attempting to escape the pocket around the end. The QB was tackled by the Giants linebacker Isaiah Simmons who jumped on his back to bring him down, and his legs twisted awkwardly underneath him following the move.

The signal-caller was limping before getting hobbled to the sidelines. As he was being evaluated, Seattle’s backup QB Drew Lock appeared on the field with 3:05 remaining in the second quarter, having no third QB behind him on the roster.

For a while, Geno came out of the tent and was still limping. He then headed to the locker room to get tests done, and later, a knee injury was identified, marking his return questionable. However, despite initial fears, the dual-threat’s injury turned out to be less severe than feared, and he once again returned to the field to carry on the Seahawks’ quarterbacking job in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, Drew Lock played his part incredibly in the absence of the starter by leading his squad on a touchdown drive with less than two minutes to play in the first half.

Geno Smith’s fiery confrontation with Xavier McKinney

Simmons’ tackle in the second quarter was questionable as while trying to tackle him, the LB fell behind him and landed on the back of the signal-caller’s legs. The QB too hit the ground eventually and had to get out of the field for a while, albeit no flag was called.

The Seahawks star was seemingly upset about the situation, and he made his frustration visible by being involved in a heated altercation with the rival squad. Though Isaiah was the one to tackle him, the QB was seen having a brawl with the Giants‘ safety Xavier McKinney over the hit.

For a brief moment, the two teams got engaged in an altercation before the game was resumed. Prior to leaving the field in the second quarter, Smith completed nine of his 11 pass attempts for 67 yards along with a touchdown, and hence, his frustration could be justified, especially when he is the most important player on the roster.

However, the Seahawks didn’t witness any blow after losing their QB for some moment and clinched a 24-3 victory over the Giants to make it 3-1 this season.

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