Giants HC shuts down reporter’s attempt to compare Tommy DeVito to Tom Brady despite winning streak

Amid losing eight of their first 10 games, the New York Giants’ struggling season handed the team gruesome injuries to their top two quarterbacks, Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor. As they were on the verge of their playoff aspirations, rookie starter Tommy DeVito emerged as the hero of the town, leading them to multiple victories. 

Such a performance was not expected from an underutilized rookie, leading the reporters to see him as the perfect successor to NFL legend Tom Brady. Nevertheless, DeVito’s string of successes is not enough to win the team’s coach, Brian Daboll’s heart to see Brady’s reflection in him.

Giants Brian Daboll dismisses Brady-DeVito comparisons

Before stepping into his role as the head coach of the New York Giants, Brian Daboll had a front-row seat to history as a part of the New England Patriots coaching staff. His journey with the Patriots included stints as a defensive assistant (2000–01), wide receivers coach (2002–06), offensive coaching assistant (2013), and tight ends coach (2014–16). During this time, he witnessed the emergence of a young quarterback named Tom Brady.

In a recent press conference following the Giants’ win over the Green Bay Packers, Daboll found himself reflecting on his time with the Patriots when Brady transitioned from a rookie to a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. When asked about being on staff when the Patriots drafted Brady as the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft, Daboll responded with a blend of humility and perspective.

With a reporter drawing parallels between current Giants quarterback DeVito’s emergence and Daboll’s memories of Brady’s ascent, Daboll was quick to dismiss the comparison. 

“Yeah, I mean, we’re four games in,” Daboll remarked.

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With his succinct response, the coach again made it plain that each player’s journey is unique, and drawing direct comparisons at this early stage may not be entirely meaningful.

 “I do appreciate the question,” he added.

After being pressed further about Brady’s elevation to the Patriots’ starting quarterback position, Daboll remained guarded in his response, recalling the considerable time that had passed. 

“That’s a long time ago. I’d just say every situation is different. I couldn’t probably give you the answer that you’re looking for.”

With Brady, Daboll won five Super Bowls. His experience with Brady’s early years has undoubtedly shaped his coaching philosophy, mentioning the need to approach each player’s development with an understanding of the unique circumstances surrounding their journey.

How many games have the Giants won in a row?

Daniel Jones-less Giants suffered their last defeat in Week 10 against the Dallas Cowboys. Little did they know that the emergence of Tommy DeVito would spark a remarkable turnaround, culminating in three consecutive wins against the Washington Commanders, New England Patriots, and Green Bay Packers.

DeVito’s three-game winning streak not only rejuvenated a struggling Giants team but also etched his name in the annals of NFL history. The rookie undrafted quarterback achieved a rare feat, tying the NFL record for the most wins (three) by an undrafted rookie QB since the league’s Common Draft Era began in 2022.

The pinnacle of DeVito’s career came in a nail-biting clash against the formidable Green Bay Packers. With only 1:33 left on the clock, DeVito, who grew up less than 30 minutes from MetLife Stadium, sealed a stunning come-from-behind victory, sealing a last-second 24-22 decision, per

It was surely a perfect choice from the head coach, as he promptly declared DeVito as the starter in spite of Taylor’s return rumors.

After completing an impressive 80.9% of his passes for 158 yards and a touchdown, DeVito showcased composure beyond his years.

Since taking over the reins from Tyrod Taylor, DeVito, who was trolled by his fans for residing with his parents, has not only kept the Giants’ playoff aspirations alive but has also demonstrated consistent and impactful play. Amassing 855 passing yards, eight touchdowns, and maintaining an impressive 65.9% completion rate, DeVito has proven himself as a reliable leader on the field.

In a season marred by injuries to starting quarterback Daniel Jones and second-stringer Tyrod Taylor, it was the unlikeliest of heroes, fondly dubbed “Tommy Cutlets,” who kept the Giants’ playoff hopes alive. 

What is your take on the Giants’ raising rookie star?


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