Golden Richards death: What happened to former Dallas Cowboys receiver?

Over the years, the NFL has seen quite a few stars of the game gain prominence and then slip into obscurity right after their retirement. These athletes frequently experience neglect from their own communities, which causes them to deteriorate over time and become shadows of their former selves.

In the case of the former Dallas Cowboys and NFL legend Golden Richards, this was exactly the case, as very few of the current crop of NFL watchers around the country remember the name of this forgotten athlete. Now, on the unfortunate occasion of his passing, let’s take some time and find out why Golden Richards is regarded as one of the greatest athletes of his generation.

What happened to Golden Richards?

On Friday morning, Golden Richards breathed his last at his home in Murray, Utah. The 73-year-old was facing an uphill battle with heart issues and passed due to congestive heart failure.

Lance Richards, his nephew, broke the news on Friday with a Facebook post that read, “My uncle Golden passed away peacefully this morning. I will forever remember going hunting and talking Dallas Cowboy football. He was a kind and sweet soul and I’m so happy he’s not suffering anymore.”

As soon as the news of his passing made its way to social media, fans around the country began an outpouring of emotional messages of remembrance for the former athlete. One user echoed the sentiment by saying, “it’s sad to hear about his passing. Bowl will always be remembered. Rest in peace,” while another quipped, “Sad to see a legend go, but isn’t it wild how legends live forever in our memories? Like, touchdown passes and heart fails, life’s trippy!”

How was Golden Richards’ NFL career?

According to ESPN, the former Brigham Young University standout had seven impressive seasons in the NFL, playing for the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, and Denver Broncos. He made a name for himself as a fearsome offensive deep receiver during his time with the Cowboys, where he averaged over an impressive 21 yards per catch in two seasons, eventually maintaining a career average of 18.3 in the group.

His impact in the 1978 Super Bowl against the Broncos was especially memorable. With the Cowboys leading 20-10 in the final quarter, Richards showed off his skills by catching a crucial 29-yard touchdown pass from fullback Robert Newhouse, giving the Cowboys a championship win effectively in the second round Richards finished his NFL career with 122 receptions, 2,136 total yards, and 17 touchdowns. Eventually, however, injuries forced him to retire in the 1980’s.

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