Hornets star Kai Jones takes brutal dig at teammates Lamelo Ball and Brandon Miller, claiming MVP and DPOY honors

Kai Jones of the Charlotte Hornets has taken a swipe at his colleagues, Lamelo Ball and Brandon Miller, by openly declaring that he intends to win both the MVP (Most Valuable Player) and DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year) awards in the 2017 NBA season.

This daring comment drew immediate interest and controversy among followers. Jones’ confidence in outperforming his talented colleagues in these coveted categories adds an interesting depth to the Hornets’ season possibilities and raises questions about team competition.

Kai Jones slams Hornets teammates

Kai Jones of the Charlotte Hornets has taken to social media once more, this time Twitter, to make bold assertions about his own ability while criticizing some of his teammates. He had a Twitter conversation with fellow Hornets LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller.

Jones highlighted his greater field goal percentage as compared to Ball and Miller, indicating he’d be a matchup challenge for them on the court. However, some claim that this figure is not a true reflection of total talent.

Jones, however, did not stop there; he escalated the topic by declaring he could beat LeBron James in a one-on-one contest. This audacious claim grabbed notice and raised eyebrows across the NBA world.

While Kai’s confidence is admirable, many consider his remarks to be excessively ambitious, considering the stature and skill of the players he’s targeting. The remarks add an intriguing aspect of controversy and confidence to the Hornets’ dynamic.

Kai Jones drops bold claim on MVP and DPOY

In a series of bold statements on Twitter and Instagram Live, Jones asserted that his “new version” can perform at MVP and DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year) levels.
Jones, a former first-round pick, has yet to meet the high expectations placed on him in his first two years with the Hornets.

With other players like Mark Williams and Nick Richards stepping up in the center position, Jones faces limited playing time. These social media antics, including calling out teammates, could potentially become a distraction for the team.

However, the Hornets may face challenges if they decide to part ways with Jones, as his trade value appears to be low. Despite being a former first-rounder, his inconsistent performance and social media behavior might deter potential trade partners.

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