Hours after delivering epic burns to Bears fans, Packers’ David Bakhtiari takes aim at NFL over Met Life turf

Aaron Rodgers’ chapter with the Green Bay Packers is over, yet his friendship with the Packers David Bakhtiari is apparently set for a lifetime. Though Rodgers changed his route on the verge of denouement of his career for the New York Jets and Bakhtiari was stuck in Green Bay, the duo came forward to support each other.

The Jets and Packers both started their season with a victory though Rodgers’ first stint in the Big Apple saw him suffer an early injury. It led his former Packers teammate to throw a subtle dig at the turf of the stadium in which the Jets played their first game.

David Bakhtiari blasts NFL’s use of artificial turf after Aaron Rodgers’ injury

No one expected that the four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers’ debut match would end up being such a nightmare for the quarterback and his team. As the NFL community is flocking together to convey their empathy to A-Rod following his leg injury, his former Packers teammate chose to play on another route.

The Packers Pro player blamed the new arrangement of the Met Life stadium for Rodgers’ injury. The stadium’s turf had recently been renovated. Due to safety concerns, a new synthetic turf was meant to be built to help reduce the frequency of injuries.

David Bakhtiari

However, players are injury prone on the artificial turf as well if not well maintained. Hence, Rodger’s injury led David Bakhtiari to point his finger on the turf of the stadium and the two-time First Team All-Pro did not hold back from sharing his thoughts on social media.

“Congrats @nfl. How many more players have to get hurt on ARTIFICIAL TURF??! You care more about soccer players than us. You plan to remove all artificial turf for the World Cup coming up. So clearly it’s feasible. I’m sick of this..Do better!” 

The injury was so severe that Aaron Rodgers was ruled out for the rest of the game, and his future in the regular season is now in jeopardy.

David Bakhtiari delivers savage taunts to Bears Fans

Having played more than 200 matchups since 1921, the Packers and the Chicago Bears rivalry is set to be one of the storied matchups in the league. These games often get heated, and trash talk among players is just as common.

This season, the rivalry intensified with a matchup of their season-opening games, with the Packers coming out on top 38-20. Whatever the case, Rodgers frequently made fun of the Bears’ supporters, as the quarterback seemed to enjoy doing so. Surprisingly, Aaron left Gang Green, but looks like he left David Bakhtiari behind as the ideal replacement to carry on his tradition of giving supporters of the Chicago squad forthright responses.

In their game against the Bears, the three-time Pro Bowler was frequently seen mocking the Chicago supporters in the stands. Following Quay Walker’s pick-six, Bakhtiari made a mocking physical gesture. Bakhtiari riled up the Bear supporters once more with a single-finger salute after Romeo Doubs scored his second touchdown.

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