How does Cristiano Ronaldo’s black ring keep him fit? Exploring his unique finger accessory 

It’s safe to say that, despite his ripe age of 38, no player in soccer right now is fitter than Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese forward is a geek when it comes to keeping fit, and it’s something he’s been doing for the better parts of his career. Those close to him have revealed how important it is for him to keep his body in the best shape possible.

This explains his extensive fitness regime, which he keeps track of using a black ring he always wears. Some may have mistaken this for a wedding band, but Cristiano Ronaldo wears the black ring as a fitness tracker to help him stay in shape. But what does this ring do? Let’s find out.

What benefits Ronaldo’s health from his black ring?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the one person who has always taken his fitness very seriously. He’s proven time and again that his health is always his priority, and that’s why he’s managed to be in top shape for so many years playing top-flight football.

What benefits Ronaldo’s health from his black ring?
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Many have mistaken his usual black ring for a wedding ring, perhaps after a secret wedding with model girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. However, they’re not married, and the black ring Ronaldo always wears is a smart fitness ring by a company in Finland called Oura Health.

The ring is perfect for Ronaldo, who always loves to track his body patterns, including his heart rate, sleep patterns, and breathing patterns. The fitness ring does all this as it tracks the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s health metrics to keep him updated about what’s going on in his body.

Ronaldo’s top shape helped him achieve a lot last year, as he outscored everyone in 2023 by scoring 54 goals for club and country, ahead of young players like Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe, and even the more experienced Harry Kane, who’s been bossing the German Bundesliga.

Ronaldo’s top shape helped him achieve 54 goals tally for club and country
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Who else wears the black ring beside Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s growing influence means he won’t be the only one wearing the fitness ring on his finger. Ronaldo is the most popular sportsperson in the world, so whatever he wears on his body on a regular basis tends to go under the microscope, as people always want to wear it too.

Ronaldo isn’t the only one who wears the fitness black ring. English boxer and former heavyweight champion of the world, Anthony Joshua, has been pictured in the ring plenty of times. This makes sense, as the boxer of Nigerian descent tries to stay in shape for fights. Speaking of fights, Joshua’s next fight will be against a newcomer and former MMA fighter Francis Ngannou.

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Prince Harry has also donned the ring in the past and even described it as “the world’s most advanced wearable technology,” an exciting compliment for the Oura company.

The ring has a base price of $299 and is available in different colors, including black, gold, stealth, and silver.


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