How many teams have Ryan Fitzpatrick played for? Rewinding the NFL legend’s career

In the shadow of Tom Brady’s illustrious seven Super Bowl victories, which garnered a nod from the Indianapolis Colt’s owner, the name Ryan Fitzpatrick may not have echoed as loudly. As a seasoned quarterback, Fitzpatrick emerged as the unsung savior for various teams throughout his impressive 17-season career.

While Brady’s accomplishments have received significant attention, Ryan’s legacy is defined by his remarkable ability to assume the starting position and serve as a source of inspiration for every team he has been a part of. The retired player left a lasting impact on the NFL before gracefully ending his career last year. He demonstrated versatility and a remarkable ability to be the team’s source of optimism in nearly every game he played.

How many teams have Ryan Fitzpatrick played for?

After being selected by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round of the 2005 NFL Draft, Ryan Fitzpatrick has played for nine different clubs over the course of 17 seasons. St. Louis (2005–06), Cincinnati Bengals (2007–08), Buffalo Bills (2009–12), Tennessee Titans (2013), Houston Texans (2014), New York Jets (2015–16), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2017–18), Miami Dolphins (2019–20), and the Washington Commanders (2021) were among the teams he played for during his career.

Though he never quite lived up to his potential as an NFL signal-caller, the journeyman quarterback was adored everywhere he went. His status as the sole quarterback in NFL history to win a game against seven or more distinct teams is evidence of this.

The legendary player achieved the remarkable feat of starting for nine different NFL teams in at least one game. Fitzpatrick’s statistics provide evidence to support his claim that football entails more than just a box score. This is evident from the upward trend he displayed throughout his playing career. During his tenure with the Dolphins, the retired athlete openly acknowledged this fact.

“I think in the last four or five years, I’ve really gotten better every year and I think as funny as it sounds, I think my best football is still ahead of me.” 

After the New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins game, he received a unique gift as a tribute to his remarkable journey. All of the teams he played for during his storied career were featured in a distinctive way on the helmet. 

How many Super Bowl rings does Fitzpatrick have?

Although Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t have a Hall of Fame career or win any Super Bowl titles, he undoubtedly made it entertaining to watch, both on and off the field.

During his football career, the former athlete set a number of NFL records, including the record for the most consecutive games with 400 yards of throwing (3). In a season, his 400 throwing yards were tied with Peyton Manning and Dan Marino, per the American Century Championship.

The 41-year-old demonstrated himself as an obvious hero both on and off the field for every team he played for. After retiring, he expanded on his athletic abilities by working as a Prime Video analyst starting in 2022.

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