How much money has Russell Westbrook made in the NBA? Exploring his Clippers salary, contract & more

Russell Westbrook has played in 15 seasons in the league for 5 teams since being drafted into the NBA in 2008. Russell Westbrook has won several accolades for himself and a lot many fans during his career. The 2017 NBA MVP along with Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka at the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2012 formed a formidable side that proved too hard for even the best teams in the NBA to beat at the time.

At the age of 34, the basketball sensation known for his iconic triple doubles still ranks among the highest-paid players in the NBA. Russell Westbrook’s wealth and influence throughout his professional career can’t be underestimated as he still continues to play in the NBA looking to enter his 16th season.

How much money has Russell Westbrook made in the NBA?

Russell Westbrook has made a substantial amount of money in his NBA career playing for the Thunders, Rockets, Wizards, LA Lakers, and LA Clippers. His career earning is about $339 million till date. That means he is one of the players that are paid highly in the league. Westbrook earnings in the 2020-21 season was $41,358,81 while that of the 2021-22 season was $44,211,146. He later exercised his player option, which is worth $47,063,478 for the 2022-2023 season.

But his latest salary has been reduced to $4 million. This is the biggest drop in salary seen in the NBA till day.

However, even though Russell Westbrook is making less this year, he is still very wealthy. His big earnings in the past have set him up for financial security for years to come, even with the pay cut.

What is Russell Westbrook’s NBA contract with Clippers?

The multiple NBA scoring champion’s contract with the LA Clippers is a 2-year contract. The contract deal is worth $7,863,263. He will be playing for the Clippers for two seasons with the salary for the period of the contract comes as fully guaranteed.

Russell Westbrook
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He presently earns around $3,931,632 as an annual average salary. He will earn a base salary of $3,835,738 in the 2023-24 season with the LA Clippers. He is about to make a good amount of money during this contract while he is playing for the Clippers for a couple of years. This is a good deal for both Westbrook and the Clippers considering his age.

What is Russell Westbrook’s Net Worth in 2023?

Russell Westbrook has had one stellar basketball career. He has nine NBA All-Star appearances and two scoring championships.  He has also won the NBA MVP in 2017. Russell Westbrook’s net worth in the year 2023 is approximately $200 million. He doesn’t only make money from basketball games; he also earns from different endorsement deals.

Russell Westbrook
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He has signed several high-value contracts during his career, including a $205 million five-year extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Westbrook has signed lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Jordan, PepsiCo, and Samsung. All these contribute significantly to his financial success. He is one of the wealthiest players in the league as of today, thanks to his 15 seasons in the NBA.

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