How much will Kobe Bryant’s NBA championship ring cost after father allegedly auctions it?

The name of Kobe Bryant is just not a name in the NBA cosmos, it is a pure emotion to millions. The late legends unmatched legacy and influence have transcended the boundaries of the game. Fans still celebrate the Lakers icon and any of his belongings have a price that cannot be measured with money.

Apart from his jersey, shoe-line, cards that make his admirers go nuts, one special memorabilia has now been made available to the auction market. The item is not just a mere possession but a living specimen of Kobe’s undying legacy.

Kobe Bryant’s NBA championship ring price?

Kobe Bryant’s first championship ring is available for bidding at the Goldin Auctions, put up to the table by his father and former NBA player, Joe Bryant.

Being the first of the 2-peats wins, the championship ring has a lot of value among the NBA community. The 14K gold ring has 40 diamonds engraved on it and has been reportedly priced at $64,000 till now although the prices might go higher depending on the bids.

The LA Lakers had won the championship in 2000 following their dominant victory over the Indiana Pacers. The franchise had won the title after 18 years with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal being the most impactful players in the team. Kobe had dedicated the victory to his father and gifted him Kobe’s first championship ring.

The 5-time NBA champion had presented a similar ring to his mother, Pamela Bryant. As per Business Insider, Pamela had sold the ring in 2020 at the same sports marketplace, Goldin Auctions.

Apart from this ring, Kobe Bryant’s 2009-2010 season championship title winning jersey, Michael Jordan’s rookie card, memorable items from the Golden State Warriors 2017 winning team such as Stephen Curry’s sneakers and Kevin Durant’s jersey along with Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 championship ring has also been put up on auction.

Fans believe Drake likely to purchase Kobe Bryant’s ring

Kobe’s first championship win holds a special place in the hearts of NBA fans, as it marked the start of his legendary career. The ring being put up for sale has left some fans scratching their heads, wondering why the family would auction off such a valuable item.

Meanwhile, others have speculated that Drake might be interested in adding it to his collection. The Canadian rapper is a huge fan of the Toronto Raptors. He even took a break during his concert last year at the Arena in Los Angeles to honor the late legend.

Here’s what the NBA fans had to say on the matter on X, the social media platform formerly referred to as Twitter:

Addressing the rapper’s passion towards the sports, a fan commented “Drake buying that for sure”.

Another fan, mentioning one of the antagonists from the Spiderman movie, wrote “Drake checkbook calling to him like the green goblin mask”.

While someone was confused why the family needed to sale the ring and commented “Idk why his family would sell his ring, it’s not like Kobe did not leave 800 million dollars for his family”

An emotional fan wrote on his social media (X), “That is very sad. If Kobe was alive he would never accept that”

“His rings and trophies should stay with the Bryant Family, this is sad ngl”, a fan wrote.

If anyone wants to lay their hand on the collectible before Drake, then they must hurry as the auction will last till March 30 on the March Elite Auction.

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