In first NFL game after neck injury, Giants QB Daniel Jones suffers possible torn ACL against blowout loss to Raiders

The New England Giants are going through one of their worst seasons in the NFL, with quarterback Daniel Jones making things even more challenging. After sitting out three games with a neck injury, the Giants’ star returned to the field, aiming to turn things around and put an end to their losing streak with strong performances.

Unfortunately,  the Giant’s player’s luck again stuck with injury, leading the team to suffer another horrible night while leaving the field with a blowout 30-6 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 9.

Daniel Jones’s injury update

Daniel Jones collapsed to the ground behind the line of scrimmage during the second quarter of the Week 9 game. It seemed to be some kind of non-contact knee injury that happened while he was attempting to get away from pressure.

Head coach Brian Daboll soon reached him on the field to learn the severity of the injury. Daboll proclaimed that Jones’s injury was not as distractive as the quarterback himself revealed.

“He felt like he buckled, and then he was running it off. We went over to him, we talked to him, he said, ‘Nah, I’m good,’ and then went back in, and it obviously wasn’t,” the head coach said, per

Later, the Giants had to rule him out from the game at the beginning of the third quarter, after going to the blue medical tent for evaluation.  Daniel left the field with scoring 4 of 9 for 25 yards. He will have an MRI to confirm the details of the injury. This marks as second injury after injuring himself in Week 5.

Raiders beat Giants

After enjoying the comforts of home their last two games, the 2-6 Giants faced the 3-5 Raiders in hopes of advancing in the playoff race. When the final whistle blew, it was the Raiders who had the last laugh, defeating the Giants 30-6.

Right from the start, the Raiders took control on both sides of the field, and Jakobi Mayers’ 17-yard run helped them take an early seven-point lead.

The first quarter ended with a score of 7-0, and this score remained unchanged until the end of the third quarter, as the Giants couldn’t add any points to the scoreboard. Wan’Dale Robinson’s 9-yard pass from Tommy DeVito finally allowed the Giants to put 6 points on the board.

As Daniel Jones left the field, Giants’ supporters could sense the challenge ahead. When Tommy DeVito stepped in, Big Blue was trailing 7-0, and their deficit continued to grow. DeVito completed 15 of 20 passes for 175 yards, with two interceptions and a touchdown.

Now, all the Giants’ fans are anxiously awaiting their veteran quarterback’s solutions to this challenging quarterback situation.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jones’ injury.

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