Inter Miami minority shareholder David Beckham once insured his legs and face for $195,000,000

David Beckham was an obvious talent in his playing days. He was famous for his long-range passing ability, goals, and free kicks. However, the former England captain didn’t always get the recognition he deserved. For some reason, he was more involved in modeling work for fashion brands than football, leading many to believe he never reached his full potential.

Nonetheless, the famous Englishman managed to play for some of the world’s biggest clubs, including Real Madrid, United, AC Milan, PSG, and LA Galaxy in the MLS. On one occasion, the former United midfielder insured his legs and face for a massive $195 million.

David Beckham once insured his legs and face for $195,000,000

Only a few were more famous than David Beckham in football in his prime, and only a few could match his commercial success outside of the game. Beckham joined Real Madrid in 2003 and played for the Spanish giants until 2007, when he joined LA Galaxy in the MLS, becoming the first major soccer star to play in the league and paving the way for more European superstars to join the league.

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As a professional footballer, David Beckham knew the importance of protecting his assets – his legs and his face. In 2006, David Beckham made a surprising move to insure his legs and face for an unbelievable fee of $195 million. According to Bro Bible, David Beckham struck a deal with Lloyd’s of London to bring this insurance to life, with the insurance of his legs costing the former England captain a whopping $70 million.

Thankfully, David Beckham never cashed in on that insurance, as he remained healthy during his playing days and suffered no significant damage to his legs or face.

How many free kicks did David Beckham score throughout his career?

David Beckham’s strongest points in his playing days were his long-range shots, passing, and free-kicks. The former England captain was famous for scoring many goals in dead-ball situations. Beckham scored 65 goals in his playing days, and despite retiring in 2013, the Inter Miami minority shareholder has more free-kick goals than Lionel Messi (63) and Cristiano Ronaldo (60).

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The former England international has often stated that his favourite free-kick goal came against Greece in the 2001 World Cup Qualifier. The former United child prodigy stepped up in the 93rd minute of the game and scored a stunning free-kick to help England level the scoreline at 2-2, sending the Three Lions to the 2002 World Cup.

Does Beckham have the best free kick goals in the history of the game? Which of his goals was your favourite? Tell us your opinions in the comments.


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