Is Eagles’ Jason Kelce retiring from NFL after painful Playoff loss to Bucs?

Throughout the season, the Philadelphia Eagles earned the moniker “high-flying team” with their impressive dominance over opponents. However, their soaring journey came to an abrupt end with a disheartening 25-9 defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL wild-card round, shattering their dreams of reaching the Super Bowl.

The night unfolded as a nightmarish scenario for the Eagles, and the loss weighed heavily on Jason Kelce, considering the possibility that it might have been his final stint in the NFL.

Is Jason Kelce retiring from the NFL?

Before the Eagles faced a challenging defeat against the Buccaneers, veteran player Jason Kelce candidly discussed the possibility of retirement, acknowledging the uncertainties that come with aging in a professional football career.

In an interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia, Kelce emphasized the unpredictable nature of the decision. He pointed out the importance of staying mindful about the potential end of one’s career.

“Whenever you’re older in your career, you never know when that’s gonna be,” Kelce affirmed.

While reflecting on his career, the Eagles’ player shared wisdom from his father, reminding the reporter of the sudden nature of retirement decisions in football.

“I try to remind guys that I’ve done this, and my dad’s told me this from the moment I started playing football: You step off the curb one day, and that could be the end of your career.”

Despite not making a formal announcement, the 36-year-old hinted that the recent game against the Bucs might have been his last on the field.

Earlier, Kelce had mentioned the possibility of retiring in the off-season, but he later opted to play in the current NFL season. Discussing the potential conclusion of his career, he expressed the reality that it could be the current season during an appearance on “The NFL Report” podcast with co-host James Palmer.

After being drafted in 2011, Kelce made history as the first rookie in Eagles history to start all 16 regular-season games at center. As a five-time Pro Bowler, he has been a cornerstone for the Eagles, snapping to various quarterbacks over his impressive 13 seasons in the NFL. Kelce played a pivotal role in leading the Eagles to their first-ever Super Bowl victory in 2018, defeating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Jason Kelce breaks down in tears after NFL Playoff loss to Bucs

The Eagles’ season, once soaring at a league-leading 10-1 after Week 12, took a drastic turn with five losses in six games, culminating in a disappointing drop to the fifth seed. The recent defeat to the Buccaneers shattered their Super Bowl aspirations, marking a somber end to a season that held great promise.

The loss carried additional weight for veteran player Jason Kelce, who may have played his last game in the NFL. As the reality of the defeat sank in, Kelce’s emotions were laid bare on the sidelines. With teary eyes and a heavy heart, he fought to console himself, facing the harsh realization that his aspirations for a Super Bowl victory this season had crumbled.

Kelce’s disappointment was palpable as he walked back to the locker room, reflecting the pain of falling short to secure the Lombardi trophy for the second consecutive season. Last season’s Super Bowl loss was to his brother Travis Kelce’s team, the Chiefs, and now, with the Chiefs advancing to the next round, the parallels of heartbreak for Jason Kelce have become even more disheartened.

What’s your take on Jason Kelce’s possible retirement?

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