“It’s a step under prison ball”: Kenyon Martins doubts Caitlin Clark’s ability to score in Big 3

Speaking in Caitlin Clark’s words, the Iowa star has helped bring more attention to the women’s game in the US. With her record-shattering success in the NCAA scene, it is hard not to notice the growing popularity of the game.

Speaking of attention, Caitlin Clark also succeeded in drawing the keen eyes of superstars from a different course of life. One such admirer has offered the 22-year-old a life-altering opportunity but some of her critics have recently dampened her spirits.

Kenyon Martins finds Caitlin Clark unsuitable for Big 3

Following Ice Cube’s massive offer to Caitlin Clark, former NBA player Kenyon Martin boldly stated that the NCAA’s leading scorer would struggle in the Big 3 basketball league and wouldn’t be able to score a single point.

Talking to the opinionated Gilbert Arenas on his podcast, Martin said, “It’s a step under prison ball. You got prison ball. You got Big 3…Imagine her gettin’ stuck down on Reggie Evans.” He continued to add, “She would not score one… It’s 3-on-3, she can’t hide nowhere.”

After charming the basketball community with her exceptional scoring skills and getting praised by NBA great LeBron James, Caitlin Clark was offered a whopping $5 million proposal to participate in the Big 3 league by its founder, Ice Cube, who wants to allow the generational talent to break the barriers.

Although the groundbreaking offer is hard to reject, Martin hesitates that the college basketball sensation will not make it there amongst the retired male players, mainly because of the physical difference. While this looks like a challenging decision for the Iowa star, someone apart from Kenyon Martins seems unimpressed by this offer.

WNBA player comments on Caitlin Clark’s mega offer from Ice Cube

The offer handed to Caitlin Clark will certainly provide her with a greater opportunity to make way for others to follow the crossover. However, WNBA guard Lexie Brown begs to differ.

From her official X (formerly known as Twitter) handle @Lexiebrown, she shared Ice Cube’s post declaring the offer and cross-questioned it, saying, “so no other women’s basketball player has came to mind in the last 7 years?”. The LA Sparks guard continued to write “Instead of i don’t know, supporting the women’s league that already exists…let’s do this…in the middle of the NCAA tournament. men are HILARIOUS”.

The 29-year-old clarified that she wasn’t throwing a jab at Clark but was questioning Cube’s motives. Brown expressed her displeasure, asking why the rapper did not think of helping the WNBA league with his assets if he really wanted to support women athletes, as he mentioned in his tweet.

Once her Iowa career comes to an end, Clark could join the Indiana Fever and will be allowed to play in both leagues as per the deal and maybe then Lexie Brown can take the issue to Caitlin face-to-face when and if they meet on the court.

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