Jack Grealish calls out Filipe Melo for making false accusation that led to brawl with Kyle Walker

Manchester City have conquered another milestone by winning the FIFA Club World Cup final against Fluminense yesterday. However, Jack Grealish did not have much time to celebrate the historic win, thanks to a very controversial confrontation on the pitch.

The Citizens were dominant throughout the game, winning 4-0 in spectacular fashion. This was the final trophy for them after last season’s treble win and their first international trophy. But an incident on the pitch involving three players has made the headlines, and now Grealish has come out to speak about it.

Filipe Melo and Kyler Walker involved in heated melee

Julian Alvarez was the main man, as he scored a brace in the 4-0 win over Fluminense in Saudi Arabia. A Phil Foden strike and his own goal were also responsible for the demolition. But City’s celebrations were short-lived on the pitch, thanks to a massive brawl. After the final whistle, City players Jack Grealish and Kyle Walker clashed with opposition player Felipe Melo. This led to many players joining in on the brawl before resolving it.

Apparently, Melo was angry at Grealish and wanted to confront him, but Walker got in his way instead, leading to a confrontation. Apparently, Grealish was being disrespectful to them and their fans, shouting ‘Ole’ after the game ended. The word is Spanish and is used often as a form of cheer. Though in this case, it may have been used to taunt the Brazilian opposition team. Melo may have been frustrated by the superior city display and Grealish’s taunting may have triggered him.

It is clear that Melo did not like the way Grealish was celebrating against them and took issue with his repeating the word. Melo said after the game, “Today Jack Grealish was disrespectful towards the Fluminense team and I’ll never let that happen… He was shouting ‘olé’ during the game. This is for the fans, they can shout ‘olé’. The athlete on the field cannot be disrespectful.”

Jack Grealish claps back at Filipe Melo

But Jack Grealish, in his epic fashion, decided to clap back at the Brazilian player. He noticed the comments by Melo after the game and decided to defend himself on social media. He wrote on his social media platforms in response to the allegations, “Not once did I say ole.”

It is unclear who is telling the truth and whether this was a good enough reason to have a confrontation. Many believe that the Greeks did say the words. However, Grealish is known to celebrate extravagantly, as seen during the treble celebrations last year. Whether any punishment will be given out to the players involved is yet to be seen.

Manchester City will now prepare for their final game of the year with an away game against Everton this Thursday. Both City and Grealish will hope for a win to end the year on a good note.

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