Jalen Green’s “poor shot selection” gets criticized by Mase after Draya Michele pregnancy news goes viral

With all the happenings in the NBA world, one particular piece of news stuck out like a sore thumb was the one regarding Jalen Green and Draya Michele. After a summer of turbulence involving Zion Willamson and AV actress Moriah Mills, Jalen Green becomes the latest to join the controversy.

Recently, Draya Michele announced she was pregnant with the Rockets guard’s baby girl, and since then, the NBA fans and media have wasted no time to jump on the spicy talk of the town. Now a few more have joined the party to take a shot at the unlikely couple.

Jalen Green and Draya Michele get roasted by Mase and Cam’ron

Rapper Cam’ron and Mase took turns roasting Jalen Green and Draya Michele after the latter announced her pregnancy on social media and named Green as the father of the child.

Recently on their show ‘It Is What It Is’, the hosts discussed the couple’s recent announcement calling it a “Poor Shot Selection” by the NBA player. Cam’ron started off by saying how the younger players feel dating the elder famous women, drawing comparisons with his younger self.

Both the hosts questioned whether Green was happy with the announcement. “You can’t get mad at the female, first of all. Second of all, if Draya announced it, my question is this: Did he co-sign it?’ That’s the question,” said Cam to which his co-host agreed.

Pointing out the age difference between the couple, Cam’ron said, “You know who we would really like to talk to? Jalen Green’s parents to see if they approve.” The main issue that people have objection to is their age gap, with Draya being 39 and Green 22.

Draya Michele throws lavish party for pregnancy celebration

While many people started spreading negativity when the actress announced that she is expecting, some of her well-wishers gathered around to celebrate the good news.

Draya Michele threw a brunch party and invited her close friends to celebrate Women’s Day. She also shared stories on Instagram showing her fans how the celebration went, and it was also directed to the trolls who have been unkind to her lately. Draya indirectly hit back at the haters by sharing a story that said, “Also, it’s none of your business how others choose to perceive you. Most High sees you clearly – let that be enough.”

Michele has not paid much heed to the negativity, and currently seems to be enjoying her experience of motherhood for the third time. The “Basketball Wives LA” star Draya has two children, while Green, 22, is enjoying his third season with the Houston Rockets.

His team is now 11th on the Western Conference table and Jalen Green is averaging 18.4 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists this season.

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