Jalen Ramsey gets hype man in Browns fan LeBron James after Dolphins CB’s flawless performance against Raiders

From being the 21st-ranked defense in the league, the Miami Dolphins suddenly improved to No. 12 within just three NFL weeks. The nod for this upward trajectory is nothing but regaining their formidable weapon, Jalen Ramsey, after missing him for several games.

Since his joining the team this season, the Dolphins have snatched two victories among three of them. In all those victories, Ramsey’s performance was above expectations, especially against the Las Vegas Raiders, which received commendation from the NBA world.

Jalen Ramsey gets hype man in LeBron

During the Dolphins’s 20-13 win over the Raiders, Jalen Ramsey was better to be said to be a one-man army for their defense. His last play, which sealed the victory, serves as the rationale behind this claim.

Jalen jumped in front of Tre Tucker and intercepted a pass from Raiders quarterback Aidan O’Connell in the third quarter.  Soon he recorded his second pick, a leaping catch in the back of the end zone with 32 seconds remaining, and ascertained his team’s victory.

The vibe he let the fans enjoy on the field got a shutout from NBA legend LeBron James. Soon James took the assistance of social media to convey his amusement for Ramsey’s big days.

“ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!! H.I.M. @jalenramsey,” he wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

In total, the cornerback recorded a solo tackle, two passes defended, and a pair of interceptions during his Raiders showdown. 

 Jalen Ramsey is now the centerpiece of Dolphins defence

Week 11 saw the Dolphins climb up in the standings and strengthen their position as the No. 1 seed of the AFC East. With the win, the Dolphins beat a.500 team for the first time this season, per Phinpantic.com.

While the team’s offense was stumbling, the defense, bolstered by Jalen Ramsey, came forward to steal the victory. The performance that Ramsey showed was not expected. He got injured in the first week of training camp. Amid his return buzz, he returned on the field in week eight against the New England Patriots.

Since then, the Dolphins player has showcased the level of athleticism that he kept aside during his injury. During the last game, the Dolphins’ defense scored three interceptions, among which two came from Ramsey, a substantiation of his significance for the Miami team.

The efforts he employed to get those interceptions left Mike McDaniel in awe, and the head coach did not forget to show his appreciation for the defensive back due to his returning performance. 

“Both interceptions were out of control in difficult level. I think the whole team has gotten a little bit better to a degree since he’s been on our team or since he’s been back,” he said.

Seeing his athleticism, his receiver, Tyreek Hill, also could not resist expressing himself as a Ramsey fan.
He’s the best corner in the league,” Hill said.

What’s your take on the safety’s injury-returning performance? Do tell us in the comments section.

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