Ja’Marr Chase faces potential Week 16 absence with separated shoulder diagnosis

The Cincinnati Bengals embarked on the 2023 season with a rollercoaster of emotions, from the tumultuous early loss that saw Ja’Marr Chase dubbing the Cleveland Browns as “elves” to facing the adversity of Joe Burrow’s injury. Nevertheless, a silver lining emerged with Jake Browning stepping into the quarterback role, sparking a change in fortunes. 

While all was in balance, Chase found himself sidelined with injuries. After an initial setback in Week 14, the star receiver’s participation in the upcoming clash against the Pittsburgh Steelers hangs in the balance.

Ja’Marr Chase’s injury woes

Ja’Marr Chase was conspicuously absent on the sidelines in the fourth quarter as the Bengals sealed a potential game-tying drive against the Minnesota Vikings. The NFL Network’s cameras captured the moment when Chase, amidst the crucial late-game push, walked to the locker room accompanied by trainers, per Cincinnati. com.

The Bengals’ subsequent announcement confirmed the severity of the situation: the receiver has officially been ruled out due to a right shoulder injury. The exact moment of the injury is still uncertain, but the 23-year-old had shown signs of discomfort earlier in the second half.

After missing a few offensive plays, Chase interacted with trainers on the sidelines before briefly returning to the game. Reports from various sources provide insight into Chase’s injury, which is a separated shoulder, commonly referred to as an AC joint sprain.

The Bengals were concerned by this diagnosis as they heavily relied on Chase’s explosive playmaking abilities throughout the season. Chase had gathered four catches for 64 yards before his early departure from the Saturday contest.

If the Bengals are without their standout wide receiver for their Week 16 game, adjustments may be made to the depth chart. If Ja’Marr Chase is unavailable, Trenton Irwin, Andrei Iosivas, and Charlie Jones have the potential to take on more significant roles, adding depth to the wide receiver position alongside Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd.

Chase shared father’s baby oil secret for dodging defenders

The electrifying wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals isn’t just breaking tackles on the field; he’s on track to shatter team records and leave an indelible mark on the franchise. With 93 receptions, 1,156 yards, and seven touchdowns in just 15 games, the 23-year-old is setting a blazing pace.

Interestingly, Chase revealed a unique secret from his early days: a slippery substance that seemed to work wonders on the field. Recalling his childhood, he shared that his pregame ritual, which involved his father applying baby oil, became a quirky tradition.

“[My dad] used to rub hella baby oil on me. He used to do it almost every game.”

The two-time Pro Bowler continued adding a humorous twist that even he himself was forbidden to touch the oil.

“Then he told me don’t touch myself.”

While the baby oil application might have been unconventional, it undoubtedly played a role in Chase’s development as a standout receiver. 

As the Bengals, with a 7-6 record, drive the competitive AFC wild-card race, Ja’Marr Chase’s exceptional performance remains a ray of hope amid their starter Joe Burrow’s season-ending wrist injury.

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